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February 21 2009

(SPOILER) Summer Glau talks Big Bang Theory. Access Hollywood chats with Summer about her appearance on the CBS comedy, her genre fame status and if she follows what people say about her online.

Could she be any more cute? [/Chandler]

Though I thought the interviewer was a bit tactless when Summer said "I'm not very funny so luckily I'm just playing myself" and she said "Yes."
Maybe hanging out all that time with people like Joss, Nathan etc makes you feel less funny in comparison, but she was witty and charming in that clip.
(Safe to forward on, Mrs Glau.)
I appreciate her humility. ISTR something about her Firefly cohorts taking care of her (including plenty of good-natured teasing) which I always hoped would be a foundation for managing her inevitable fame with grace. The clip shows Summer is smart & sweet. I'm looking forward to the episode.
I haven't followed her post Firefly, and don't watch TSCC, but wow, she is really gorgeous. They kind of uglied her down for Firefly, didn't they. Or she grew up really really well.
jaxn, having seen Summer in person on the picket line I can confirm that she is indeed gorgeous.

Just sad that the last two episodes of T:TSCC have been very light in the Summer department. Hopefully there's a Cameron-centric ep coming up.
Agreed. Those are always the best episodes. In relation to the video, does anyone have any idea when this particular episode of The Big Bang Theory will air? I watch the show online (don't have a TV), and I'd like to take extra care in not missing this one. :)
Wow. Normally I'd resent being called a fanboy (its sexist, and implies a certain unadult like attitude, etc.), but I have no issue or quarrel with it being applied towards my feelings about Summer. She is amazing. I cannot believe how humble she is, and frankly she sells herself way to short. I'm always amazed at how quiet and shy she comes off in interviews and even in the commentary on Serenity. Cause she should really expect all people to bow down to her and serve her libations. (See why I have no issue with how the interviewer lady described the 'fanboys'?)

I really hope there is more Summer in T:SCC ASAP, cause come on! She really does make the show.

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I love the Big Bang Theory and Summer Glau on this show will be fun, fun, fun. It's getting around 10 million or more viewers per episode (BBT that is), and it will be great to see two Whedon alums together on screen. Might be a Fox marketing move to get more exposure or audiences back to TSCC. Can't wait to see the episode. And yes, she does scrub up fine.
kungfubear- The episode is scheduled to air March 9th, I believe.
Heh, it's aired on the same day as Castle debuts.

Though I thought the interviewer was a bit tactless when Summer said "I'm not very funny so luckily I'm just playing myself" and she said "Yes."

I think that's more with the interviewer's style, zz9, than her agreeing with Summer. I noticed a few times in that interview she'd just reply with "yes" in order to keep Summer elaborating on what she was saying.
I think one of the cutest lines was when the Interviewer said, "The Fanboys treat you like a Goddess", and Summer blushingly quips, "I'll take it!".
Pity the clip ended so abruptly, I could watch her all day :)
I so wish T:SCC had Cameron, or the relationship between Cameron and John Connor, as its focal point. The rest of the show is OK, but whenever it's about Cameron, it's riveting.
So soft-spoken!

I don't watch Terminator, so I am excited that I get some Summer since I to watch Big Bang.

Also, that was the most annoying media player I have ever seen. Apparently 'pause' mean 'pause for two seconds, then start playing again.'
The Whedon-Big Bang Theory connections grow... Of course, BBT has a character named Penny, surrounded by scientists...
I don't watch the show (Tried it once and wasn't amused) so...what's the Whedon connection, please?
ShadowQuest - Simon Hellberg, who was Moist in Dr Horrible, is one of the main cast.
I really love Big Bang Theory, and I was thrilled that they have shown indications of being huge Summer Glau fans (and of course they would be!!). Getting to see Summer on Big Bang, interacting with Sheldon et al, is going to be awesome!
I hope Summer is going to comment on Simon Hellberg, beeing Moist on Dr. Horrible. Now that would be a hoot!
when Summer said "I'm not very funny..."

This is coming from the person who asked Joss if the cryogenic chamber made her look fat? I agree, it must be that she doesn't feel "obviously" funny like some of her co-stars.
I guess Summer is too shy..

She could make the following comments:

Re: You are the Terminator!

SG: You are Moist! How does that make you a sidekick? Lubricate my metal parts?

SG: You're a liar. I don't think your intentions are honorable. ...You hurt people

SG: Just keep walking, preacher-man.

SG: The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems
I can't wait to see what Koothrappali does; chances are it's what I would do if I ever met her. Hopefully, it won't be high-pitched squeaks.
@EvilFirePixie8 - Ah, I feel so much better now. Thank you. :)
She is very cute. And I think it's good that her mom acts as her internet filter. Moms know best. ;)

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