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February 22 2009

Studio audience tickets for Jimmy Kimmel Live show: Nathan Fillion guest. Anybody going?

I wish I could but it's a few weeks to early for me! I hope there'll be a suitable representations of Browncoats there though.
I've emailed the group tickets dept. to see how many people we will need to qualify as a group. Once I find out I will expect all those within the SoCal region to fill at least that number of seats. :)
If they ask you back how large is your group. You can answer back Oh, 1434. :)
If anyone hasn't seen it, on the home page of the linked site is a behind the scenes of Castle that you must see if you think the show is going to suck... might change your mind!
Aww....he's wearing a brown coat.

I wish I could go but I have family coming in for the week. Nathan on Jimmy Kimmel is going to be awesome. The evergy level will be fantastic.
We need 15 or more to do a group booking. There are still tickets available. Anyone who can make the taping and wants to be a part of a group, please send me an email. danregal_ff at
I'm (virtually) on the east coast, so I couldn't make this, but I hope you guys have a large, fun group and a great time!

But, on the subject of talk shows - I wasn't sure that this quite rated its own thread, as the clip is rather brief (and edited) - David Boreanaz is on the front page of AOL right now (!). An excerpt from his appearance on Craig Fergeson's Late Late Show is a nominee for the "Best of the Week" TV clip:

Whether that's worth apparently making his wife Jaime mad... ;)
Jimmy Kimmel tickets ususally aren't hard to get. Most days they're out on the sidewalk in front of the Masonic Temple (where it tapes) giving them away. Of course, the one time I want to go I'm not three blocks away, but thousands of miles. Crap!

Sounds like we might have another host shocked by the fact that Nathan has fans. I think Craig Ferguson said something like I didn't know you were a member of the Beatles.
I was there for that one! Craig Ferguson clearly didn't know what the fuss was about but rolled with it.
I've gathered up 9 people so far. Anyone out there want to get in on the group, send me an email. Otherwise just head on over to the site and get yourself a ticket. You'll need to do that anyway if we don't find 15 before the end of the day today.

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