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February 22 2009

(SPOILER) Promo for Dollhouse episode 3 'Stage Fright'. This episode is written by Dr. Horrible's Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon.

Does anyone know who directed this episode? Because I've seen three different people credited as the director - Solomon, Straiton and DeKnight...
Not sure but I see that this episode is still listed as the fourth in the series at some sites.
Yeah, there is some confusion about the director. The Extra-Preview had a shot of a clapperboard with Straiton as director for episode 105. As far as I've been able to put the chronology together, "Stage Fright" was the fifth episode in production.
Wasn't "Man on the Street" the fifth episode in production (excluding unused original pilot "Echo")? But that is a Joss written episode, so it's likely that he also directed it. Although Joss has said, that with Dollhouse he didn't do as much directing as in the past, so ho knows...
I think the production codes always included "Echo" as 101. It's the only consistent way to explain why "Ghost" was billed as 102, "The Target" as 104 etc. So, "Man on the Street" should have 106 as the production code.
Joss did not direct Man On The Street.

The production vs air order is here.

I believe Straiton directed Friday's upcoming episode.
I think Solomon directed MOTS.
I think you're right, wiesengrund.

Yay for Dollhouse!
This episode looks very One Tree Hillish... Dear god I hope it's nothing like One Tree Hill.
List of the writers and directors. It's in portuguese but I guess you can understand it, it's quite simple.
Rikardo, I didn't even know there was a portuguese Dollhouse site - thanks!
But are you sure that the info is indeed correct?

Gossi: There is even a slovak and also a czech Dollhouse site... and Iím sure many other national fansites, that are dedicated to Dollhouse. ;-)

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I hope the pop star element of the episode is not greatly emphasized. I have never desired to watch American Idol, and watching it vicariously through a Joss show would probably make my brain explode.
I hope the pop star element of the episode is not greatly emphasized.

I'll go out on a limb and say it will take up most of the episode.
# Rikardo, I didn't even know there was a portuguese Dollhouse site - thanks!
Yes, there is a portuguese website. Mainly because I made it... lol

# But are you sure that the info is indeed correct?
I hope so, or it would make me look bad. I am not 100% sure, but I am pretty sure it is. I gathered the information from some credible sites and then compiled it all in one place.
Rikardo, You can add Minear as the director on #12 in addition to being the writer. He said on Facebook that he was directing.

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Do we have a source yet for Joss writing/directing the season finale, or are we just assuming since that's what he tends to do?
That voice over bugs me so so very much. It looks like an interesting ep, but man, that voice over really... ruins the promo, really. For me, anyways.

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Yeah, the pop star theme not enticing me at all; however, knowing who wrote the episode helps a lot.
Music biz, fandom, celebrity stalking... how could it not be right up our alley?

Looking forward to it.
Remind me again why this episode isn't playing after American Idol to snag more viewers?
Good question, dat.
Especially considering both Fringe and Lie To Me are on hiatus.
Aye. Gotta have some faith, FOX. On Friday it'll be up against new Flashpoint (last Friday it was on repeats). Ep 5 it's against CBS March Madness, Ep 6 is against March Madness and the finale of Battlestar. Not the smartest scheduling ever.
gossi: Is the finale of Battlestar two hours or something? Because here on the West Coast, BSG airs at 10PM.
The BSG finale is indeed two hours.

Fringe doesn't start it's new episodes until April 7th. Why not give Dollhouse a shot there.

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Joss, Jobo.

Can you clarify that, gossi? Do you mean a specific interview?
wiesengrund, I'm near certain Joss has said somewhere he wrote and directed the finale. Unless I'm very, very wrong. I know 100% he wrote it anyway.
I recall the same information, gossi (although I don't remember if it was him what said it). But I haven't found the actual source yet.
Excitement? Check. Mystery and beyoundment (inventing words again), check that twice. What about that little girl in a dark place whipping up on the monsters? Hey, think that fits as well!

Damn, we must be talking Joss Whedon!
#Rikardo, You can add Minear as the director (...). - The One True b!X

Thanks. Already updated.
My PVR fucked up and I missed "The Target" when I got home from work real late on Friday night/Saturday morning. The only other time it repeats in my neck of the woods is Thursday on some time-shifting channel, so I guess I'll call my cable company to subscribe to that channel for the day and then cancel it Friday afternoon.

I dunno, I might just save it and watch it after I get "Gray Hour" in a couple weeks (and then have a three ep marathon including "Stage Fright"). I know the first few (the first several even ?) were made to be standalones more or less, but maybe because this is Joss and because they were shot in a certain order, it'll flow better or something. There's no rush, really. Don't feel like downloading online right now. Too late to be sitting in computer chair much longer. And Flight of the Conchords and Big Love are calling me from the room with the TV and sleep-worthy chair...

Yeah, I'll torture myself a little and hold off on Joss TV.

After "Man on the Street" (which according to production order should be swapped the previous week with "True Believer", no clue if it matters to the viewer story-wise), with "Echoes" and everything after that, is it all set to air as it was intended so far ?

If the possibility the network could screw with the schedule some more (I know they're doing it for a reason that makes sense for them--trying to get the "better" episodes out there first or on certain weeks to gain/keep viewers) is causing Joss any headaches, 'cause there's no way this series won't have some serious constant continuity/multi-episode-arcing at some point...I wonder if he consoles himself with the probability that it'll all be set right on DVD. Firefly was ordered that way and he even got to restore a scene in "Objects in Space" back to the original way it played because "Heart of Gold" would be seen by DVD-viewers.

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Why the anti-pop and anti-American Idol sentiment? I think this episode will be fun - lots of comedic potential.

Of course there might be some sexploitation and gratuitous dancing... I hope they hold on back that.

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#Of course there might be some sexploitation and gratuitous dancing... I hope they hold on back that. - Ronald_SF

I hope they don't. =P
Kris, I think that so far the episodes are airing in their intended order. And, while the individual episodes do work as standalones, there is definitely already some continuity going on and it's worth watching them in order.

Also, you have a station that reruns Dollhouse? Weird. For me, it's catch it on Fox or watch it online, but no-one repeats what was already on Fox primetime.
SO... who's checked out What's it like? is the interactive ARG associated iwth the game - helping this girl trapped in a primitive memory-wiping/replacing lab figure out what's going on and, I don't know what else.
I started paying attention to, but then the videos started constantly rebuffering for me, making it pointless. And I question the success of any "interactive drama" using video where none of the participants appear to be mirroring the videos elsewhere. (Unless that's changed since I last checked, in which case someone please tell me where the mirrors are.)
Septimus, I'm pretty sure at least the first five or six episodes of Dollhouse have been switched around a bit. Because even after they were filmed, there was talk on this site (or sites this site linked to) about Episode 4 being switched out with Episode 3 and whatnot. Fox was moving them around to get the headlining eps in place for February sweeps or in an attempt to retain the initial audience longer, or something.

I'm in Canada, so some of the channels will do what they want with the series after they've purchased the rights to air it from Fox, I guess. It looks like the timeshifting channel I found on my digital box's guide is out on the east coast, probably Newfoundland.

ABC was repeating Lost Season 5 at the beginning of the season. I wish Fox would use Saturday as a showcase for repeats of their new/struggling/genre shows as well.
Fringe doesn't start it's new episodes until April 7th. Why not give Dollhouse a shot there.

I don't know what's up with Lie to Me but I'm sure part of what is dictating the hiatus of Fringe is 2 hour blocks of American Idol on Tuesdays.
I can't figure out how Paul's investigation is going to survive the switching about. Episode two makes perfect sense following episode one, in terms of that. So I don't understand how Gray Hour will fit in between the two, unless it's an episode of Paul not having a clue what to do and with no leads to go on.
Dunno. Maybe once they found out Fox was messing with the ep order, they switched some scenes around or filmed new ones.

Or I have it completely wrong and the episode scheduling plans were messed with before those earlier eps were shot ? But I don't think so.

Someone who's following Dollhouse news more closely know for sure ? Trying to be spoiler-free for this show, there's a lot I miss.

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