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February 22 2009

Video clip of David Boreanaz talking "Bones" on "Late, Late Show." Mild spoilers re: "Bones" episode DB directed. He gets a call from his wife mid-interview due to what he's saying about the episode.

I saw this when it aired. So hilarious! I was under the impression that Jaime did help him cast, but that David didn't want to talk about it because his son was there. Jaime and Jaden were back in the green room. Then Craig just ran with it and mentioned them, again! So, Jaime was calling from out back lol This was the funniest David/Craig segment!

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I love David's interviews with Craig Ferguson. They're always hilarious! Loved the showing off of his crazy-socks and his 'It's going to be one of those dinners' comment.
this interview is so rambly.
Yeah, I felt that other than being goofy, this interview served no other purpose. Afterwards, I felt like, what just happened?
David and Craig are friends and when he's on the show they tend to go 'off script'. I love it. Apparently, Craig talked about socks before David came on and David just went with it. After all he does love his socks :) . Jaime calling from the green room and David's reaction was priceless. I think this kind of interview is more interesting and fun than when the celeb just comes on - pimps his/her show - and leaves.
I think it's much better when the host and celebrity just talks as if they weren't merely there for business purposes. I like that there's no instant dive into "let us promote your latest venture," and there seems to be actual talking. This is why I liked Conan's interview with Eliza last week - they talked about everything BUT her acting work for a while before going into it.
But then, most of Ferguson's interviews are a bit crazy. But what I like about Craig is that he's very give-and-take with the silliness, he lets his guests be part of the crazy, unlike for example Conan, who sometimes gets carried away with himself and "steals the show" a bit (if that term is applicable when it's his own show) from his guests to the point where you sometimes wonder if he's even aware he's got a guest. Misunderstand me correctly, I like Conan. He's entertaining. But Craig's a better host, much less egocentric and insecure.
I giggled the whole time. They are really fun together.
Why's Bing Hitler hosting a US chat show?
Bivith- He won the replacement host competition when Craig Killborn left. Personally, I was rooting for Elvis Costello (who sung to the tune of Allison - Letterman - I want a show) But Ferguson is a natural whom I prefer much over his predecessor.
Fun interview - the two of them together are very funny. I like Craig's style...and David's socks.
I've been to two Craig Ferguson tapings and really love his presenting style precisely because it's not all about pimping. Sometimes, sure, I'd like to hear a bit more about the reason they're there but for the most part I find it generally makes me even more a fan of the person being interviewed as it lets you see a little more of their natural style.

His interviews with Neil Patrick Harris are very similar to this one with David (one of the times I attended a taping was the NPH taping in November last year - the other was with Cobie Smulders four days previously), as are his chats with Kristen Bell. You can tell when people are on the same wavelength with him and it makes for an extra special edition of the show when those types of people are on, in my opinion!

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