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"Wasn't that guy dead?"
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February 22 2009

Update on James Marsters' site. Some sad news for those who were fans of GOTR and an update on the recent Valentine's Event. Plus news of the Dragonball Evolution Press tour.

Also a link to some nice pictures of Mr Marsters taken at recent press conferences in Korea and Thailand.

So sad about Steve Sellers. Condolences to his friends and family.
Thanks for the link to the update.That's very sad news about Steve Sellers.
Not registering on yet another site, even for enlarged JM photos (besides, they should soon show up on other sites. ;)

Too bad about Steve Sellers, but GOTR was a bit of a high-risk endeavor, as anyone who's ever seen candid concert pics, much less a live show, could attest.
Or I could be on the wrong track, no cause of death was given. Very sad, at any rate.
Shey, that's rather an offensive assumption, and from what little I know about it, entirely wrong. Poor guy.

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No offense meant, it's something that always comes to mind when a musician in/from a band that was at one time famously out of control, dies so young.
I thought the "Very sad" part covered that.
I think "famously out of control" is more than an overstatement. The Pistols were famously out of control; Nirvana were famously out of control. Ghost of the Robot were occasionally a bit pissed, bless them. As rock'n'roll goes, they were really quite sedate; a few bottles of Jack Daniels is not a career in Class A pharmaceuticals.

And I can't believe I'm even having to point that out in an obit discussion. Steve was a talented musician, a smart cookie and a bit of a heartbreaker - and a big part of something that gave a lot of people pleasure.
Oh God, that's such sad news..poor guy, so young..
I had some great evenings at GOTR gigs . This is really sad news.

On a less depressing note it's good to see that the NJ event went well and that James seems to be going great guns with the promotion of Dragonball Evolution

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Sorry to hear about Steve. He seemed like a nice guy. May I ask how he passed? Nothing I've seen gives a cause.

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