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February 22 2009

(SPOILER) Castle: "Come for the shoe-throwing, stay for Fillion." One critic takes a look and finds that Fillion's charisma elevates his new show above other crime procedurals. But is it enough to get his own shoe statue?

And her critic blurb includes: " (she still bemoans the loss of "Buffy" and "Alias")"
This show does look like it will be entertaining, and a good vehicle for Nathan. That's the point, right? I'm gonna watch it.
Shouldn't that be gumshoe-throwing?

Well that would certainly be a preferable alternative to the much more offensive (and illegal) practice of dwarf tossing. Too bad the show's not on FOX. They could promote it with contests for who could throw a bikini-clad Angela Lansbury the furthest.
And her critic blurb includes: " (she still bemoans the loss of "Buffy" and "Alias")"

Way too many internet columnists, nevermind fans who aren't professional writers, come off like that way too often. Dudes, we got seven seasons, what exactly is there "bemoan"-worthy in that ? The show couldn't go on forever, nor should it have. I'm happy with what we got and, while I definitely wanna marathon Buffy/Angel again some day, I've moved the heck on. There's a wonderful world of TV (and other medium) entertainment out there. I understand going through withdrawls for a while after, like the next season not having it on and whatnot, but...get over it. Bemoan the prematurely canceled gems instead. :)
Dwarf Tossing? I can't believe there was such a thing!
I love how ABC is promoting Castle. There has been a new promo every week so far.
I'm so excited for this show! And hopefully the commercials for it during the Oscars helped draw many new people in.
Didn't read the article but I'll give it a try for Nathan. The promos look like a pretty standard issue procedural with a twist, but that's the kind of show (see Bones, which I don't) that makes it for the long haul, more often than the more complex stuff that you have to commit some time and brain energy to.

Shutting up now, lest I jinx Dollhouse and the few other shows I really care about.

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I'm actually expecting to quite like this. Fun, uncomplicated television with a nice bonus helping of Fillion-silliness. I'm in.
I'm all in. I think/hope this does surprising well. Anything to have that funny funny charming man back on TV. :)
Nathan plus smartass charm = I'm there!

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