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February 23 2009

Marc Blucas joins ABC drama pilot 'See Cate Run'. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he'll playing "a legendary campaign guru".

Marc on tv again? Whee! Hope it gets picked up.
Me too, I need my US political drama fix.
Amy Smart is awesome (see: Crank with Jason Statham--sequel in a couple months with both of them--Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds--one of the best "romantic" comedies in a while--and The Butterfly Effect, 'cause she's the best thing about it acting-wise, even though I like Kutcher's first try at drama well enough, he did better in A Lot Like Love). She's sort of an under-the-radar talent. Hasn't had that big breakout film just yet, but a very cool character actor who usually lands roles playing cute and plucky. I remember her first as Ruby on Felicity.

Looks like she's a frequent Robot Chicken voice actor too.

Last time I saw Marc Blucas in anything was the John Sayles (Silver City) film Sunshine State, with Edie Falco ("Carmela Soprano"). It was out the same year as his last appearance on Buffy, so it's been a while. Has he been in anything worth seeing since ?
Kris-I'd recomend First Daughter, Thr3e and The Killing Floor for just Marc movies. Prey For Rock & Roll has it's charm, as does Marc's section in After Sex (although the rest of the movie sucks out loud. It isn't worth buying). The Jane Austen Book Club is really good but Marc plays a small role. I haven't seen the rest of his movies, with the exception of Summer Catch and They.

BTW, I liked The Butterfly Effect.

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I thought he was on a CBS 11th hour or something?

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