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February 23 2009

(SPOILER) Drawing Dru. A little sneak peak on what seems to be the cover of Angel issue 25.

Ryall also mentions the Gunn comic.

Nice to get a bit of clarification re: Aftermath as well, considering I had been led to believe it was a six issue arc, now it seems it's definitely five. Neat cover too, it'll be nice to see it coloured.
Er, isn't it a little hard to avoid the spoiler when it's in the title of the post?
Could some please tell Ryall how to spell DRUSILLA's name please!
I dunno, she looks a bit Druzilla in that pic :) Its a very Juliet pose!
Druzilla's a new one for me. I usually see it misspelled as Drucilla or Druscilla. It's neat that Juliet is collaborating on this comic.
I agree Zeitgeist! She totally looks like she's doing her little Dru shimmy! You know the one, her weight shift with each hard intonation of each phrase. I loves it!
I guess Franco can't draw Dru yet D=
Er, isn't it a little hard to avoid the spoiler when it's in the title of the post?

I was just thinking the same thing, yeah. Luckily, I don't mind. Plus: alliteration's nice :).

Also: I'm now officially looking forward to Dru's return to comics.
Erm - is it a spoiler that there's going to be a 2-part Dru comic? I thought that was pretty much announced. This comic is a separate thing, right, not some spoiler about how Dru's gonna show up in Aftermath?
Just to clarify, news about the Dru mini-series was announced on the front page during New York Comic Con. Judging by the cover, I'd say it covers Dru's time in Hell-A.

I guess Franco can't draw Dru yet D=

We try not to go for that sort of comment here. If you don't like the artwork, tell us why instead of going for a one-liner.
Looking forward to the return of Dru.
I LOVE that cover....and the face that Ryall mentioned 'post issue 25' news coming soon.

Very excited.
Simon: Ah, sorry. Well it doesn't look anything like Dru, if i just saw the pic without reading about it, i wouldn't be able to guess it was Dru. I wasn't having a dig at Franco, he wasn't too good at the other's at the start of AtF, he's much better now though
Really? I thought it was incredibly well rendered. Its even one of Dru's most Dru-ish mannerisms.
Because many of the creators check out the site, we all try to be extra special nice when being critical. For example, "I guess Franco hasn't mastered Dru's likeness yet." or "Does that look like Dru to you guys? The face isn't very detailed..." would probably have been better received. I'm not the "niceness police" and I certainly don't have a gold name, but I totally understood your post, Dawnlover90.

Btw Zeitgeist, I don't think the face is particularly "Dru-ish." The package as a whole screams Dru but the face itself is so "highly stylized" that it could be almost anyone. Maybe I'm just spoiled by all the photo-realistic Jo Chen Buffy covers but Dru's face in this drawing looks a lot like Superman from the late 1930's.

[ edited by alexreager on 2009-02-23 21:06 ]
Heh, well, I don't think the facial likeness is very high (although, stance-wise etcetera: yes, very token Dru), but I wouldn't quite go so far as to say Dru looks like Supes there either, alexreager ;).

Just to clarify, news about the Dru mini-series was announced on the front page during New York Comic Con.

Check, Simon. Now that you mention it, I even read that news. The difference is that in the first article it seems like there's an unnamed Dru comic popping up somewhere in the future, where in this case the headline seems to say "Dru appears in issue 25", which makes it look more spoilerish, while it actually isn't. Which is why I probably did have the "ouh, spoiler in title" reaction here, while I wouldn't otherwise. The human mind's an interesting place. (Maybe Joss should do a show in the somewhere in the future where he explores the human mind as a concept...)
HAHAHA I totally see the Supes resemblence!!!

I actually like most of Franco's art. In fact, he was my favorite part of the Angel series thus far. I am often taken aback by the lack of attention paid to proportions (Amy Acker is itty-bitty; ATF Illyria's chest definitely isn't), but overall, I think his work is slick and cool.
Nice to see that this story and Gunn's story will be part of the main numbering... better than having a whole bunch of mini's everywhere. too confusing otherwise!
I wasn't aware Drusilla was in LA during the Hell bubble. I thought she left California for good when Spike did his face turn. Or maybe it was just Sunnydale.

I find it hard to believe she wouldn't have become a lord. Or been so hidden in LA, even when it was not Hell A. I'm still confused as to how Harmony got out of LA so quickly after she picked up her recommendation. Quick enough to escape the bubble and get to Sunnydale.
Can I just take this time to say how lucky I am to be working with Franco? What a talent, and a class act. Thank you, that is all!

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