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February 23 2009

"Thanks for letting me play with your toys again, Joss! You're the bestest!". Steven DeKnight talks to about last Friday's episode of Dollhouse.

io9 question: Are you stoked that everybody's singling out your episode as one of the series' best....?


Haven't only two episodes aired? Heh.

Ah, it's (kind of) explained in the comments by the asker: "it's considered one of the best, out of like four episodes that people have seen."

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That question was a little off. But I like how DeKnight channeled it back to team work. And I'm glad I missed the exploding baby.
It's so good to hear thoughts from Steven DeKnight again. Joss couldn't have picked a better writer for this episode, we're starting to see some insight (and foresight) to Echo. That was a good play with the Alpha, my curiousity is still processing that bit of data.

Anyway, congrats to Steve for an excellent piece of writing. Looking forward to a follow-up in the future.
As a parent I can emphatically state the trick to remember is to put the diaper on before the baby explodes!
Don't read the comments, if you don't want the spoiler-info on who plays Alpha.

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