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February 23 2009

Dollhouse music video now available for free on iTunes USA. The music video for Jonatha Brooke's song "What You Don't Know" (which was briefly posted online, not too long ago) is now legally available on iTunes, for a limited time only! And, best of all, it's free! Link opens iTunes Music Store.

The video contains clips from Dollhouse, which may or may not be spoilery.

I'm not certain if this is downloadable in other iTunes stores. Best of luck to all international viewers!

Nevermind then.

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I think that's only for hi-def . . . if you click on Dollhouse under "also available in standard definition" you'll get the same eps for $1.99 each.

Love the video; I kinda wish they were using the lyrics in the show theme.
Wow. I think the video and the show both benefit from higher definition, cuz there's much subtlety.

ETA cuz.

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Are the clips from the first two eps only? Or is there spoilery stuff from upcoming episodes?
There are scenes from subsequent eps, fortunateizzi.
There's some stuff we haven't seen yet. Nothing I mind seeing (e.g. no huge revelations like who's playing Alpha), but quite a few bits from upcoming episodes.
Download it now, but play/watch it in May.

There is only one scene that is new if you have seen the previews and hype commercials.
I'll play it minimized so I can hear the pretty song.
Only available to USA peeps.
Goshdarnit, I'm moving to the U.S. specifically so can watch things on Hulu and buy things from the U.S. iTunes store. The Canadian one is beyond lame.
Only available to USA peeps.

And/or big fibbers ;).
Love the video, but I wish they'd release the song as a download too. I'd even pay .99 cents for it!
The Canadian one is beyond lame.
*cough[proxy servers/Tor routers]cough*

Looks to my right, admires the AUTOGRAPHED copy of 10c Wings, smiles.
Loves me some JB.
Regardless of the *cough[proxy servers/Tor routers]cough*, many US sites will only let you use a Credit Card with a US billing address. Others will only let you ship to a US address.

This whole thing makes me grumpy. The damn shows are broadcast in Canada at the same time as they are in the US, but we can't view them online or buy them. I think its because the Internet distribution laws are different. Anybody know for sure?
As I mentioned in another thread, try to acquire a prepaid credit card and/or a US iTunes gift card and you should be able to set up a US iTunes account for yourself just fine. I live in Canada, but have a US account as well, and have bought both Dollhouse episodes, as well as the music video.

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