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February 23 2009

The New Godhead Video, "Hero". It's directed by Juliet Landau. ETA: As a reminder, we had posted some stills from this.

Wow. Stranglely compelling, I got dragged in to it. The song was almost hypnotic and Juliet's movement added to it. I hope she stays in front of the camera and not completely disappear behind it, but her talent should be explored as much as she wants. I am also excited about her involvement in the upcoming comic book.
Never heard of this group before but really dug this song. Seems like i have another album to buy.
Godhead is great. Just before their first album was released, we saw them open for Marilyn Manson. We met them afterward and they were super nice.
One can defenitly see something Drusillaesqe in Juliets movments. Goodlooking video. And its always fun to see Juliet again.
I wish more music videos were like this. Cool looking, interesting, and possible to watch without headache. I just hate the MTV-style 2-second cuts.
Loved it... Love Juliet's "Drusillaesque" style, really fitting with the song.. And I didn't know the band, but I really like this song.. Is the album out yet?
I wonder why Amy Acker is credited?
I liked it. The music was wonderful. And I thought the style of the video suited it very well. Loved it.
I have watched it about fifteen times by now. Too cool, must have the album.
Amy Acker wasn't credited, she was thanked. So she is probably a friend of someone from the band or of Juliet.
I was watching it and couldn't halp but think "I wonder what I would be thinking about Juliet if I had never seen her as Drusilla."
Silent cinema lost one of its great stars when she was born too late (though the pictures-with-sound crowd certainly benefitted).

ETA that it was a nice change to see her place someone who wasn't bonkers :D

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But Pointy, you say "bonkers" like its a bad thing ; )
She's truly a rockin'n'rollin, video-directin' hellcat mamma, ain't she?

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