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February 24 2009

(SPOILER) Complete Georges Jeanty Q&A at Slayalive. This is the first of what will be a regular monthly Q&A with the Buffy artist, much like the monthly Scott Allie Q&A's over there.

Has a lot of good info and interesting reveals about the process of creating season 8. There are some mild but newish spoilers for upcoming issues.

Interesting bit about Tara. I wonder if Joss is finally executing his "plan A" or Tara will be featured in another "dreamscape" panel?
Well,I think Jeanty has drawn her for those sketch books.When you order one,he draws a sketch of any Buffyverse character the buyer wants on the cover.So I wouldn't be surprised if someone asked for him to draw Tara for one of those.

Plus with the arc featuring Oz coming up,and it sounds like he's about to start drawing the first part soon,I could see Tara appearing in a flashback or visual reference in the arc.It would make sense with Oz returning in it.Oz might ask what happened to Tara.So,Georges could be preparing for that and practicing drawing Tara.

I hope Joss's plan A does not come about.Bringing another dead verse character back is getting to be too much.Also,I think in a previous Q/A that Scott Allie said Tara will not be returning.
Lets hope not, she should stay dead.. someone has to stay dead!

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Yeah, that was very interesting. Potentially it's a huge spoiler, but I'd imagine that we'll just be seeing her in a few flashback scenes. Which will be great anyway.

Good Q&A session, I like Georges Jeanty's honest and modest approach (e.g. not taking credit for stuff fans come up with, but isn't actually there).

I thought that reflection in Satsu's sword looked a lot like Renee too, but I guessed it was unintentional. And we got confirmation that Harmony's agent wasn't the "suit" with General Voll. That's what I suspected, but the drawings were confusingly similar.
Wow, you'd think people would ask more spoilerish questions than those =/
I thought something about Tara, but sure, dreams or asked for sketches would cover that.
Judging by what Georges said about the threesome dream scene, I guess it's pretty clear what Joss' intentions are with Buffy's love life. I feel bad for Spuffy shippers, but as a fan of Spike I hope that he ends up with someone if Joss brings him back in.

The Tara comment caught my interest too, but I agree that she'll probably be in an imaginary sequence in the Oz arc. It's funny that someone mentioned Twilight's design in #22. I had been wondering if that was intentional.
Judging by what Georges said about the threesome dream scene, I guess it's pretty clear what Joss' intentions are with Buffy's love life.

Yeah. I was a little amazed to read such a blunt statement. I hope Jeanty wasn't breaking a confidence there. There are circles where Joss would be safer admitting to kicking puppies or something.
About the Tara bit, Georges has actually drawn Tara for a fan before. For proof, check it out: I know there's a policy against self-posting, but since I didn't start the thread and there may be an actual interest in seeing what Jeanty's Tara looks like, I thought I'd include the link.

Also, just to clarify, I'm not saying that there's no chance for Tara to reappear in any way, just that Jeanty has previously done a head sketch of Tara before.

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I must be in the minority but I would "love" a real live Tara to somehow return. The lost story arc that Joss described for season 7 and Tara's return sounded all kinds of amazing. If he does bring her back, it will be grand.
minority? i think not. but count me in anyway.
He wanted Buffy more toward Angel because she feels more for him

Oh Georges, you just made my day!! :-D

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