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February 24 2009

Harry Groener in Crazy For You. Footage from the Tony Awards.

As the link says...

I'm not sure if this has already been posted. I tried doing a google search of Whedonesque, and didn't come across anything......

Thanks for that.

But think of all the germs there must be on that stage.
Oh, he was really good. That man can dance.
Oh he is so great, I would love to see The Mayor on stage!
I knew of him first from his "song and dance" work - Will Parker in Oklahoma - and in Cats!!! I was delighted to see him on TV, in Star Trek, Dear John, and as the Mayor.

A friend of mine, who knows him from her work in development with a university drama program, says he is a delightful man IRL.

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He came to our Buffy convention (Sunnydale Central) and while waiting for the photos (because the camera didn't work) he did a little song and dance. I was his guest escort on the Friday, and he is indeed a lovely man.

I have the album for his show "If Love Were All" with Twiggy, and it's wonderful.
I was lucky enough to see this production of Crazy For You.
It was the first time I saw Harry Groener and I thought he was amazing. Can't Be Bothered Now isn't even his best dance number.
There was one that just left you gobsmacked.
His dancing is on the par of an Astaire of Kelly, probably more Kelly. He danced like he weighed nothing, light as a feather and with a lot of style. When I saw him on Buffy it didn't surprise me that he was so talented and funny. He's a great talent. It's nice to know he's a lovely man too.
His dancing is on the par of an Astaire of Kelly disrespect to some perfectly acceptable moves by Groener, but I think it's time you rewatched some Astaire and Kelly.

I wonder how Joss resisted having Groener bust out some song and dance in Buffy--at least in a dream sequence?
Tap dancing. The Mayor. This is perfect. :)
Oh, I love this show. I was in a way off, off, off, off, waaay off Broadway version of it many moons ago. Go Harry! disrespect to some perfectly acceptable moves by Groener, but I think it's time you rewatched some Astaire and Kelly.

Well said, snot.

Nothing against Groener, of course. But Astaire and Kelly, albeit with very different styles, were incomparable.
Checked out Frank Rich's review of Crazy for You, 17 years ago and found this nugget:

When Mr. Groener leaps sideways on a thrice-repeated phrase in "Nice Work if You Can Get It" -- to take just a throwaway bit -- his legs are both punching out the notes in George Gershwin's tune and illustrating the sexual yearning in Ira Gershwin's verse.
I happen to be a great fan of both Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.
I didn't give Harry Groener that compliment lightly.
I guess it's the difference between seeing a wonderful dance on film and seeing it in person. In person Harry was as graceful as Astaire and had the every day Joe style of Gene Kelly. He was just wonderful and you really had to see him on stage to appreciate it.
That clip of Can't Be Bothered Now was the least of what he did.
That was the flashy show girl bit. I happen to agree with Frank Rich, he had a musicality to his dancing that was impressive.
If they were making big movie musicals back when Harry did this show he would've been a huge star.
O ye gods and little fishes, does he look young there! And I can see why Goulet didn't make especially old bones, whew.

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