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February 24 2009

Sonny Rhodes at Wondercon. Sonny will be at Wondercon in San Francisco on Sunday March 1 at the California Browncoats table F6-F7. I'm not sure when he'll arrive, as he is coming right from the airport, but he is looking forward to seeing everyone. Please come and show your support!

Are you a California Browncoat?
Hey look! It's actually on the California Browncoats site now too. (because I just put it there) We're expecting Sonny around 1-2 PM.

We would like to make sure everyone knows this appearance is dependent on Sonny being able to make it from the airport in time. We can't control the airlines...yet.
Simon, Brian is in Utah and part of Done the Impossible. He's not a California Browncoat. (or a board member of our organization)
Correct, although I was very involved in making this possible, hence very enthusiastic about increasing attendance this close to the convention, but the CA Browncoats should have posted it.
Sweet! So much to do this weekend & so many shiny people to meet!
If people are involved in something and post news about it to the front page, it would be regarded as self-linking and subsequently deleted as per our rules. However I'll let it slide for this one but in future if people want charity stuff or appearances plugged, email us and we'll bung it the front page.
Can't find it, so maybe I'm missing it - but has a posting gone up about Summer Glau appearing on the Terminator panel on Sunday at Wondercon? I might be a bit curious due to the fact that I'm moderating it... :)
Eric, the Wondercon schedule was updated with Summer's appearance.
Still hoping that there will be a Dollhoues panel......
I know Brian (though thanks!). I meant had a listing gone up on whedonesque about it.
Due to very bad snow in Canada, Sonny's return flight was delayed and was unfortunately not able to come. He feels very bad and wishes he could have seen everyone at Wondercon.

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