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February 24 2009

Chiwetel Ejiofor gets 'Salty' with Angelina Jolie. Our favourite Operative will go CIA in the upcoming spy thriller.

Sweet! Two amazing stars together.
WOW! That's really hitting the top of the A-list in Hollywood. Congrats to Mr. Ejiofor for hitting it big!!!
I guess this is probably tent-pole-ish so bigger in that sense but he's already been in films with Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Jodie Foster etc. so he's had some big credits.

Interesting that Salt was originally a male character (Tom Cruise was going to play him at one point) until Ms Jolie took a shine to it. In a way I sort of hope they've literally just gone through changing pronouns, that might make for a more compelling female hero than we usually get from Hollywood.
Yes! I look forward to this. I loved him in Serenity, Kinky Boots, Talk to Me, and Inside Man. He was wonderful in Tsunami the Aftermath. I just love this man. Can't wait for a new movie.

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