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August 26 2003

Buffy album hits stores next month. Virgin Records will release Radio Sunnydale: Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Music From The Television Series on September 30th.

Wait a second - this album is going to have the Buffy Theme Song performed by The Breeders? Or is the article just plain wrong?
Sounds like it: "We've known for a while that the twin leaders of The Breeders were having a love affair with Buffy the band have been known to cover the Buffy theme at their live shows and earlier this year when we interviewed them, Kelley accused Kim of spending her days doing little more than watching Buffy re-runs. Now the band will be committing their version of the Buffy theme to wax as a B-side on their next single."
No, no, NO!
Nerf Herder must do the theme. That's right, just like last time. If the Breeders want to do a cover IN ADDITION TO, then that's fine, just don't take away from the version we've been listening to for 7 years! Every BtVS album must have the original theme.

And WHERE is Angie Hart's "Blue?"

If they're going to put the theme on there, they should put the Nerf Herder's first and second season's theme on the album in addition to the cover. Their first rendition of the Buffy theme had a far better drum solo. The third season theme, despite a better guitar riff, pales in comparison.

James, BTVS curmudgeon.
only 11 tracks? and two or three of them i have burned on my own buffy soundtrack already. hm, ill probably get it anyway.
I too was disappointed with the lack of Blue. How about throwing in some more instrumentals by Chris Beck? What about some infamous famous dialogue lines from the show? This CD needs a ton more, but I'll probably end up buyng it too.
does anybody know what the cover will look like?
I think this is great news, and will sure as hellmouth buy it, but I cry the same cry I cried after the original soundtrack came out: WHERE'S JONATHA BROOKE'S "INCONSOLABLE"???-- used so well, abeit so briefly and quietly, in "Prophecy Girl". Maybe it's because I was so familiar with the song before hearing it on BUFFY, but I always think of it as my favorite Buffy/pop music moment, in the midsts of one of the show's most heartbreaking episodes.
i agree with you, i never heard it before the show but it is definitely one of the best music moments.
Some fans have been ambitious enough to buy the artist CDs in question (usually used), rip the appropriate tracks, and burn their own multi-disc compilations. I've even seen such them on eBay several times (which I'm sure the artists and the labels aren't exactly happy about).
"Radio Sunnydale is a collection of songs from poignant and prominent moments in the show's history."

Well, some of it is anyway. Unfortuntely, most of the songs here that actually were prominent I already have. I'm glad it has 'Key' by The Devics though- I remember this song very well from the time Spike and Drusilla were in the Bronze in 'Crush,' and have been wanting to get a hold of it for a while. And I don't mind having some of Robert Duncan's score.
Don't know if I'll pay for it though- on Amazon the price is listed as over $18.00. Eek. I'll probably just borrow it from somebody and burn the stuff I want.

And I agree about Jonatha Brookes. I don't think 'Inconsolable' would land in my top 5 most memorable/effective musical moments from the show, but any album claiming to be a representative of Buffy music should include it (well, one of the 2 should have included it that is).
Bleh nice idea and I'll buy it but I would have prefered the scores from the series being released like what they did for Babylon 5.

Robert Duncan should have his music from season 7 available for download on his website sometime soonish.
Hey can anybody point me to a definitive listing of all the tunes (with their artists) in all the episodes? That would be AWESOME!!
This site would be your best bet.
meista: Good luck finding all the songs though, I've been looking for some of the tunes for well over 3 years now and still no luck.
This goes to show the record industry is getting stupider. If you check on Amazon, they have a listing , but no artwork or track listing. This, for an album which is supposed to be in stores in four weeks.

I used to work in the biz, and know for a fact that new releases are solicted for pre-orders eight weeks before street date.

So I thought I would be clever and go to Virgin's web site - totally useless and not a speck of info about late September releases.

Remember, home taping is killing the record business (and it's fun!)
I agree about how the first seasons' theme was better than the later ones..I mean that scream at the beginning was just great!..and they took it out...
Where the hell is "Stupid Thing" by Nickle.
Wow - hey I was right, that was awesome! Thanks Simon!
Ooh, thanks for the link to Duncan's site Simon.

"I-I-I-I-I, did a stupid thing last night..." I'm with you SpikeBad. That's another song they should have included on one of the albums, inseparable for me from that scene.

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