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February 25 2009

Chat about the Dollhouse Alternate Reality Game 'Dollplay'. It's been two weeks since the RPrime Lab website appeared. Are we still following the trials of Hazel?

If you want to get up to speed, the site has a very handy 'Previously' page.

Wow. I hadn't been following it. But that update on the Previously page is pretty good. So, an imprint of Topher, eh? that's downright fascinating! (It also makes me wonder if "Topher' is actually dead - as he believe - and the guy on the show is also an imprint, or what?)
It would have some validity for me..I mean, they would need to keep that persona safe. The one with the knowledge and the skills. Interesting, and also slightly mind-bending.
Yes it never occurred to me that the Dollhouse would have imprints of the staff. Which could lead to some interesting storylines.
Oh, I don't doubt for a second that we're going to find out that SOME character is an active without knowing it. I'd just be really surprised if it were Topher!

This actually brings up a really interesting quesiton, that I don't think has been answered before: when they "take" an imprint, i.e. when they get the memories/personality FROM a person, is it cut or copy? Can it leave the memories/personality in the original person, or not?
And what would happen if Topher found out? I mean, he knows about the Dollhouse, so it's not like he would have the normal Active response of, "Che? What is this Dollhouse you speak of?" Weird. I hope he's not. I really like him.
If you look under files, there is a psychological profile of Topher. The most vital piece of information being he has NCC1701 tattooed on his left ankle.

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So: Has anyone found a mirror of the videos anywhere? I can't seem to go more than three minutes on without videos buffering and stuttering and becoming unwatchable for me.
The Dollhouse Podcast will be covering the ARG in their first formal episode later this week. You can find it at:
I'm finding it difficult to know what's going on. I need my hand held. Where does one start when they arrive? Should they watch all 45 transmissions, or is there a better place to begin?

Does this interplay connect with the show in any way?

Simon has a link to synopses of past vids at the top on the 'previously' page. The connection to the show is that Hazel's mom, along with Topher created the technology used in the dollhouse. There is a ton of information on Topher here .

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