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February 25 2009

Amy Acker Joins the Cast of Happy Town. THR says of the pilot, "In "Happy Town," a small-town murder mystery, Acker will play the wife of the lead, cop Tommy Conroy (Geoff Stults)."

That's cool for Amy. But what does it mean/signal for "Dollhouse" - if anything?
Hrrm. So maybe we won't be seeing her in Dollhouse season two?
Amy and Miracle aren't under contract now, so can (and, you know, are) seeking other work. The same applies to the staff writers who don't have contracts with 20th and the crew etc. This is why the show needs to get picked up for a 2nd season quickly. Staffing season is on the go for new pilots now, so hence why Jane has left, etc.

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I don't think it means much of anything. The percentage of pilots that get anywhere is astoundingly low. She could well be recurring, as she is in DH rather than a "star" of the show. It shouldn't be all that hard to schedule juggle for two recurring roles.
zeitgeist, however if you're signed for a pilot and TPBP fail to release you in time, it will stop you appearing in another show. That's why Morena wasn't in Angel season 5 - her show wasn't picked up from pilot, but the studio wouldn't let her out of her contract to do Angel. Not saying that will happen here, but it's a possibility.
Unless she's the victim hence the premise of the murder-mystery.
Doesn't necessarily mean much since we don't know Saunders' arc - Amy might've only ever been intended to be it on it for one season. Is Tahmoh Penikett lands another show then I reckon it's all over bar the shouting.

And isn't NCIS a spin-off (from JAG) ? So a spin-off of a spin-off ? Isn't that fairly rare ?

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If any of the main cast pop up on another show, yeah, purple shades of panic.
Who was Morena supposed to play, gossi? I've never heard of this.
gossi - we don't know the details of her contract on the new show and you just went from an example giving precedence to the show Morena was on to saying that Amy must give precedence to the new show, rather than one she already had a committment to. Assuming makes a picnic; yes, I know she's not under a contract right now, but that's no reason to assume the sky is falling.
Jobo - she was supposed to play Eve.
I was giving an example which has actually happened before to Joss before, zeit.
Jobo,I think Morena was supposed to play Eve.
I thought assuming made asses ? I'm way behind on my behinds.

Picnic level: vermillion.
I understand, but Morena wasn't already on Angel, she was contracted to the pilot first and we don't know the details of Amy's involvement contractually with either show. So picnic = pointless. Is it possible she made no arrangement in her contract re: the possibility of returning to the show she is already a recurring character on? Of course. Is it possible that there is some language in her contract regarding her other gig? Sure.
Oh goodness, that means there must be some conversations going on right now! I mean, I know that theoretically we had about a month or so before decision time, but this quite cut-throat! Yes, yes...I am naive, but it's my Birthday, so no one's allowed to leave today.
zeitgeist, I'm not picnicing about Amy potentially gettin' another gig. In fact, let's be honest - she should be on TV a lot more.

Like I said, if Tahmoh pops up in another pilot, then it's time to wail like the Speedster from Heroes in Monday's ep.

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Sounds like Freema A not being on Torchwood because she moved to Law and Order UK or James not continuing on Without a Trace because he signed for Dragonball. You want to count on an actor being available, you get them to sign the paper.

Unless Amy was never supposed to continue on Dollhouse.
Lisa Vidal apepared simultaneosuly as a regular on tghe Division and as a recurring on ER; it can happen.
Agreed- if Eliza or Tahmoh were suddenly appearing on another show, there would be much more reason to wail :)
Meanwhile, another new pilot has some very Dollhousey elements.

Human Target
Limelight producer and Terminator Salvation director McG is behind this new adaptation of the DC comic first brought to TV in 1990 with Rick Springfield starring. Fringe and Boston Legal star Mark Valley is heading up the cast this time. With the likes of Avatar , Surrogates and Dollhouse, body transference seems to be quite the Hollywood vogue; A fine time, therefore, to tell the tale of a bodyguard who can literally guard his client's bodies by inhabiting them.
(From Den Of Geek)

So, a different lead actor every week?
How will we be able to develop an attachment to... oh, nevermind ;)
Jobo - she was supposed to play Eve.

Wow, I had no idea. That would have been great. And then Jayne would have taken over from Inara
So, a different lead actor every week?

More likely once he's inside the client, we the audience see him, not the client. Like in Quantum Leap.
Yeah, I was thinking Quantum Leap too.

Re: Morena as Eve. Wow, I had no idea. I think she would have made a better Eve, to be honest.
God, Morena would've been so awesome as Eve. I didn't like Sarah Thompson in the role at all (I like her o.k. in other roles though, like Boston Public).
People owe me money.

gossi, is the set still standing? That's all I care about.
Mwah, I'm not sure esg. I actually quite liked the Eve we got. Seemed kinda perfect for the role. Plus, somehow I always like new actors better in another Jossian show than well known faces, because it's pretty difficult to let go of their former roles - especially very close to the original part (like this would have been).

Also: I'd love to see Amy in a new role, so here's hoping the pilot makes it to an actual show. Plus: it's not like she has had heavy screentime in Dollhouse so far. Seems quite possible to combine with something else. Plus: more Amy on our screens = good thing.
Morena could have played Eve? Oh cruel fate and stupid system. I would have loved that.

I don't know what to make of this news. Yes, more Amy on tv is good, but less Amy on Dollhouse isn't.
This could also be another (upcoming) example of Joss's well known M.O. of killing off characters to enhance the story. Amy's character may wind up being a victim of "collateral damage" from working at the dollhouse.

Just as an aside, Dr. Saunders does look a little on the unstable side since her run in with Alpha.
Morena as Eve would have been great. Wish that would have happened. And more Amy is always good. Hopefully she gets some more screen time in upcoming eps of DH.

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