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February 25 2009

Cool interview with Amber Benson. She talks about her new book, "Death's Daughter". Enjoy!

I am looking forward to reading 'Death's Daughter'.
I know that this is available in German as well. I've been debating on whether or not to get it in German so I can enjoy Amber's work as well as *jazz up* the learning languages gig.
I think *anything* involving Amber is required to add "cool" as a prefix. At Comic-Con a few years' back, she was totally willing to sing along with my daughter to some OMWF - only my girl's own shyness prevented it *sigh*. Looking forward also to this.

Although, Adam Busch with a "c"; much more sophisticated.
Shall be an interesting read. She seems to have missunderstood the "heros journey" a tad, which is not uncommon though. Women go on mythic journeys to, but these differ some from the masculine version. I shant bother you with the details.

Liked her Albion series.
Ok, SNT.. I'll remember that: Anything involving Amber is going to be posted as "COOL" :)
There's a part 2! Yay! AB's like the warmest "cool" person out there.

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