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February 25 2009

(SPOILER) Scott Allie at NYCC 2009. Video interview about Buffy season eight comic books. Some info about the (possible) structure to the end of the season/ season 9. Slight spoilers are for the upcoming one-shot and previously published issues.

The cover they show after the Issue #19 cover? Is that from an old Buffy comic or did they just show us a new Jo Chen cover? Cause if so.. kinda spoilerish with Angel's face faded in the background...
Everything else are TPB covers, I think, from the Buffy Omnibus Volumes.
I wish all the interviews would stop coming in video form, what are us dial-up users supposed to do?
So that's what Scott Allie looks and sounds like. He seems more well spoken in the back of each episode than he did in the interview. Then again, i doubt I'd do much better in an interview, haha!
I think it's because IMO the reviewer was basically answering his own questions before handing it over to Scott. There wasn't much left for Scott Allie to say when the interviewer would basically say it all anyway. I've seen other video interviews him such as the one Buffyfest did and he was much more talkative and expressive. In this interview the questions weren’t all that great IMO, they kind of only allowed one worded answers.

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