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February 25 2009

Dollhouse: the end of Eliza's acting career (in a good way)? So she implies in this article from USA Today.

Quoth Eliza: "But I thought if I was going to get out of this business, I wanted to end on a strong note. I wanted to do something that I put my heart and my hard work into full force. And this is that."

Well, looking at the story, Eliza may have a point. We see her as this cool actress, but if she wants to make her name in something else, so be it. Her acting days could end after this show, or maybe it will resume after a few years. It's her life.
Way to turn a celebrity profile into something more, Eliza!
Hm, I'm not sure I've read that before about Eliza's mother. Now I understand why Joss and Eliza are drawn to each other as people, all his comments like "have you seen her in that dress" aside; both have mothers who were deep into social issues and they appreciate that sense of something deeper they've both brought to their artistic lives. It would be fantastic if she became a professor. The world needs more people like her to be an inspiration to others. (edited to fix stupid stuff)

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I miss Tru Calling.

I want more Tru Calling.

Oh well.
Wow! Consistence . Iīve never thought about Eliza with this capacity of being consistent . She really amazed me with this telling about her story and all. I get her. Once I was an actor here in Brazil , and then I decided to become a teacher , a language one , just for the sake of loving it ,and of having had it with art already .

Happy choices . Itīs all about happy choices .
Happy Choices, Y'all!
She gave up coffee?
Personally, I think that's going just a little too far. :)
I like the picture of Eliza that goes with the story, how lovely.
Umm...this can't be hear last role, she has to be in the Buffy movie. ;)
I strongly doubt that she's saying this will definitely be her last role. Just that she's saying that there's other things she would eventually like to do with her life/career and that acting might not always be her main focus.

Even if she does pull away from acting, she'll most likely still be active in the business behind the scenes as a producer etc. otherwise why would she go to the trouble of starting her own production company and all?

Bottom line, I wouldn't read too much into this article, though whatever she chooses to do with her life I'll support 100%. One of the reasons I respect and admire her so much is how she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and seems like an intelligent, down to earth, genuinely nice person.
She raises an interesting point that actors are very much dolls in their own way- expected to be a tabula rasa for the development of the character they're playing.

Of course though, they get to be themselves again and dip back into their own lives when they're not filming.

NB- I notice a couple of references to her being online in there. I really hope that the "Eliza can't pull this off" malarkey isn't getting her down.
It must get confusing in ways though. Especially when you consider actors who are attached to a role they play and thus some people may see Eliza as Faith and if they ever met her call her that. Must make some people wonder "where do I end and my character begin?"
Imagine - having Eliza as your professor. Cool. I know I've had a couple of professors who are on national television here from time to time, but they were just - y'know - experts in their chosen fields, not famous actors/actresses. Also: it'd be fun if Eliza could show her own work in class. Heh.

But anyway, one doesn't "just" become a professor (just like one doesn't "just" become a famous actress), but here's hoping lightning strikes twice. It'd be cool, if she expanded to something totally different from what she's doing right now. Although, speaking selfishly: I'd hate for her to dissappear from our screens.

Bottom line, I wouldn't read too much into this article

Agreed. But speculating's fun :).
Maybe she could get implanted with the personality and skills of a professor
Somewhat misleading title.
Missb, I suspect some of the "Eliza can't pull this off" malarkey may be getting her down. According to this video interview, she reads everything. Around 3:48 to 4:04
"Royal Academy of" whaaat?

Methinks ED is bringing a little bit more to this show than some would give her credit for.
I've been reading several reviews pointing the fact she is a producer and the creators should be subordinated to that. But that's a fact in TV industry everywhere, whoever produces _one day your actress is your boss, tomorrow can be worse: your actress is your bosse's girlfriend or wife.

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