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February 26 2009

Patton Oswalt talks Dollhouse, Serenity. Remember Joss talking about Patton last October? Well in this interview with, Patton talks briefly about his Dollhouse appearance (no spoilers) and why he's writing a Serenity comic book.

Holy crap, Patton Oswalt's writing a Serenity comic? Looking forward to reading that.
Great interview. I'm a huge, HUGE fan of Patton Oswalt. His bit about Steakhouses and Black Angus is one of the all-time best bits in the history of stand-up, in my opinion. The best part of this interview was the Firefly talk at the end. He is so spot on about that!
He was great in Reaper too-
I love that he's a fan of Breaking Bad. That show isn't even on most people's radar. I love United States of Tara, and he's so funny in that, especially his bit about the truck balls Buck put on Max's truck. Now I can't wait to see him in Dollhouse.
Okay, it might just be that I'm severely stupid, but I honestly can't find the interview anywhere on that page. I see a lot of stuff describing the interview, but that's pretty much it.
It's the second video clip, it might be very slow loading.
That being said, if you go into this movie expecting to see Patton making you laugh all the time, you’ll be disappointed. While there are some very funny parts, this is a drama first. The humor is a result of real life situations and not from Patton doing stand-up.

Now why can't more reporters/interviewers explain the "non-funny" this way?

Ah, he's the guy off of US of Tara! That's where I know him from. It's weird when shows collide. Woot! Another Serenity comic! Woot! Another mysterious Dollhouse character! Good day. :)
Joss can have the story for my unpublished Serenity Tales fan comic, too, if he wants it. ;)

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