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February 26 2009

Joss Whedon answers even more of your questions. From feminism to Sarah Michelle Gellar, there's lots of goodies to be had.

Okay, forget Dollhouse, I want Joss to do standup. I just broke up when he did his gushing voice
Whee! He answered it and it was a great answer! Do it Joss, do it do it do it {/enabler}.
Bernadette Peters deserves Joss's gushing voice, absolutely.
His gushing voice was brilliant - cracked me up!
I didn't think it possible to be an even bigger fan of Joss but with him revealing his adoration of Bernadette Peters and Stephen Sondheim it has happened.
There's a Sci Fi Channel? :)
Neil Patrick Harris said Sondheim even invited Joss to his house once. Neil was very jealous (who wouldn't be?).

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I never noticed that supposed SMG cameo before. The facial structure does look like her quite a bit.
People are still asking about that?
Slew of good questions, too. And I'm pleased that Sarah Michelle's attempt to sneak onto the set of Dr. Horrible disguised as an extra proved such a resounding success. That temporary nose-and-mouth alteration? A sign of true dedication to the crafty craft.
Where's Quotergal and Transcriberboy when you need them?

No video's at work today. Bummer.
Good value Q&A, and the video works across regions, which is the nice.
And now you can ask Josh Wheaton questions, too!
I'm trying to watch but I can't hear it, even with everything turned up. I did hear the 'gushing' voice though.

None of these TV Guide interviews - NONE of them - will work for me. I've tried two versions of Firefox, and one of Opera over several weeks.

Anybody else seeing this? Anybody? The taunting - I just can't stand it any longer.
Try Internet Exploder. I'm at work and it plays fine.
I'm glad Joss cleared up the SMG in Dr Horrible matter once and for all. I thought it was pretty obvious in the regular commentary that they were being sarcastic when they "confirmed" it was her, but apparently that was lost on many others.

As for his "ultimate project"... I'll be waiting patiently. :D
Hm, I don't know. The video wouldn't load for me the first two times, but after I kept hitting refresh, it finally worked.
I wonder if Bernadette Peters gets more than a few coherent sentences per day anyway. By now she must be pretty good an interpreting incoherent babble.

God I hope someone with a huge pile of cash and a movie studio heard that "hard sci-fi musical" thing and thought "hey, we could make that happen!"

Glad to hear Joss say he'd be happy to work with SMG again, although it's hard to know if it's just his usual professionalism and politeness. I've always suspected there was bad blood at the end of Buffy and being the kind of person who wants everyone I love to love each other that's always tied a bit of a knot in my stomach.
It works fine for me with Firefox.
Man, there were so many GOOD questions in the comments section when they were asking for questions, and we get "do you consider yourself a femenist?" Really? Not pleased with the majority of those questions.
I thought there were several good questions there (though, obviously, not the "are you a feminist" one). I wish the "fair criticism" one hadn't been turned into a "best note" one. It would be really interesting to hear Joss say what he thinks is the biggest mistake he's made in his various worlds. As it is, I felt that his answer to the "best note you received" was a bit of a deflection. I mean...the scene at the beginning of "The Pack"? Really?

I can believe that as a "memorable learning moment" (hey, even suits can have good ideas!), but not as "most momentous/telling change I ever made as a result of someone's input on a script."
The answer to the final question is exactly (minus the part about me having kids) what I always believe to be true for myself. That's probably the closest I'll ever feel being on par with Joss Whedon.
smfos: Re bad blood; these were a bunch of talented, emotional people. Joss and the Core Four had been together 7 years, the rest varying lengths of time. It's impossible not to grate to some extent under those circumstances.

My mother hated Bernadette Peters.
That was a disappointing answer to the 'fair criticism' question. I was definitely hoping for what snot monster wanted.

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My mother hated Bernadette Peters.

You mean the actual person, or her performances?

Joss and the Core Four had been together 7 years, the rest varying lengths of time. It's impossible not to grate to some extent under those circumstances.

Oh, I'm sure that's true. I'd just like to think of them having reached a kind of been-through-hell-and-back solidarity by the end rather than a I'm-STILL-not-forgiving-you-for-that-time-you-ate-my-cookie bitchiness.

Hey, I used to dream of a Beatles reunion back in the day.
I transcribed the first four questions over at the TV guide site. If anyone else has time to do the rest?
The Beatles didn't like each other? Why?

I love Joss' gush voice. Now, instead of dancing and singing, the demand will be "do the gush-voice, Joss!". I can see it now...

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Thanks bix! *adds to faves*

It doesn't sound like he's saying his name. I get "hi..." and that's all I can understand. Anyone else?
Okay, okay, it's not SMG. I just wish someone would ask him why that extra was wearing a wig and sunglasses.
korkster, you serious about the Beatles question? If so, I can give you the info...
smfos: I just recall her calling her "that dame Bernadette Peters" as the reason why she wasn't going to watch a short-lived sitcom where she co-starred with Richard Crenna.

RaisedByMongrels: she was wearing wig and sunglasses so she'd make us fans argue about who she was, I'd imagine.
At the Paley Center reunion event for Buffy, it seemed to me like Joss and Sarah were pretty chummy. They even sat next to each other. I don't understand where this speculation of bad blood comes from. Did I miss something? Did Sarah in fact eat Joss's cookie and no one told me? BTW, if you switch the names in that last sentence, it sounds even more dirty, especially with the cookie dough line from "Chosen". :)
kungfubear, comes from some David Fury and Freddie Prinze Jr. comments on the Joss-Sarah dynamic, and from a throwaway line by Joss about "cranky seventh year TV actresses", if I'm remembering this correctly. But yeah, they seemed to be on good terms (again?) in Paley.

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Bad, kungfubear.

UnpluggedCrazy, I would very much like that info. Thanks!
The last question was mine.. and it was a fantastic answer. (I actually ask this question to people I admire when I get the opportunity to, and they've always given great answers). That and "On a scale of 1 to 10 how awesome is your life right now?"
I'm sure I'd also do something very similar if I met Bernadette Peters.
I'm sad, the video player never works for me.
As a long time 'Annie' fan, I'd be a gushing mess if I ever met Bernadette Peters, too.

I really enjoyed the TV guide interview/s. Letting fans take control of the questions was a good move. (Although, the first question was a waste as not a lot of men in this day and age would deny being a feminist.)
I look forward to the day when meeting someone I admire makes me do the gushing voice. It hasn't happened so far. The closest it ever came was while talking to Tim Minear. He apparently recognized my voice from my podcast and I think my head may have actually exploded, I was so astounded and overcome with squee.
Seriously, if Joss got any "better", I'm not sure I could stand it.
I loved his answer about working with SMG again. :)

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