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February 26 2009

Ask Josh Wheaton Your Science Fiction Questions. Some silliness over at "Josh Wheaton: he created the television shows Burfy, Agnel, Fryfly and Doghouse."

I'm not sure about this Wheaton guy. He seems a little untrustworthy.
I thought it was Jazz Whildren that was so awful, and wrote Wallhouse. Mebbe it was Ross...
I loved Fryfly (the story of a short-order cook in Space and his constant struggle to keep insects out of the diner.)
It is not called "Anal Resurrection"!
It is called "Alien Erection"!
How else do you think the alien got pregnant and had the mutant pumkin head lookin baby that sort of made out with Ripley?
Wouldn't the anti-Joss be Jess Whoden, female male chauvinist genre writer and creator of Ann Coulter the Vampire Supporter?

[ edited by GreatMuppetyOdin on 2009-02-26 22:26 ]
Wait... Josh Wheaton?!

I hate him.
GreatMuppetyOdin, no, that's PuppetWhedon.
Now that you mention it, has anyone ever seen Ann Coulter in daylight?

Maybe that Harmony TV show isn't all that far fetched.
Hmm, Evan Rachel Wood and a bottle of vodka.

Sounds good to me!
Is he related to Wil Wheaton?

Ans can I have one of the T Shirts? If they're free and all...
*looks at vodka*

That might explain some things.
They've captured something about Josh's almost manic-y tone and breakneck delivery that's pretty spot-on, although there's some clunky stuff that just ain't Joshian at all.

I liked the Ravine of WTF. I've been there, and it's not as bad as you'd think.
Same thought here. It goes beyond satire of his style to just being bizarre and crass a few times, but overall it's still pretty awesome. Especially that bit at the end about suspension over disbelief.
I think I broke most of my internal organs laughing at how he breaks his stories
Ravine of WTF! Awesome.
"Ann Coulter the Vampire Supporter" gave me the biggest laugh I've had all day. Thanks, GreatMuppetyOdin. I'm going to have to remember that one.
I'm on board with the "ravine of WTF" answer as the best thing in the "interview".

"Ann Coulter the Vampire supporter" ... *shudder*. Possibly the only thing that could put me off vampires.

Agreeing with QuoterGal.... The Ravine of WTF beats the hell out of the Plains of Boredom. ;)

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