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February 26 2009

Eliza in Steppin' Out Magazine. An interview where Eliza is just being Eliza (starts on page 46).

There's a 3-D version of the mag on the site when you click on the cover.

The interview starts on page 46, for those who don't want to flip through all of the beer and pub ads in the magazine. You can just type in the page number at the bottom once you've opened the viewer.
My admiration for her just grows. Thanks for the read.
We'll have to part ways on the red velvet cake thing. It's actually too rich for me. ;)

Great interview on Eliza's part.
Well, fudge!

I don't have the right player thingie to even open their "new page flip technology!" online mag.

Oh well.

Great to see Eliza getting so much media attention. Now let's hope the critics realize that "Dollhouse" IS Joss Whedon, just the scary darker side of him. Like...the Ripper side of Joss. The show is excellent and just needs those bloody critics to leave it the smeg alone and for FOX to get their gorram itchy finger OFF the trigger and let this show run its course.
Interesting interview, although some of the author's "facts" are a little off. I personally think the show is awesome but "critically acclaimed"? Plus, the HBO series is called "Big Love."

Korkster, as a Southern girl, I'm ashamed to say that I don't like red velvet cake either. But don't tell anyone; I might be exiled.

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