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February 26 2009

Vote in the First Annual Hulu Awards. Firefly up for shows to bring back.

Firefly is up against seven other shows in the "Shows we'd bring back" category of the Hulu Awards.

You know, if the Tick tv show was half as funny as the cartoon and/or comic books...I'd still vote for Firefly, but I'd have to think about it. I wanted to like the Tick show so very, very much. I thought the guy playing the Tick did a good job, but the pacing of the show seemed way off. Oh well.

Now, if you could get Ben Edlund and Joss Whedon to do an Evil League of Evil tv series....
Now Not to be confused with the other Hulu Awards which come from a fansite.

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That's amusing in an ironic sort of way. I can't watch the clips, but I can vote.
Actually, I'm confused. They give you all the nominees but nothing on the page appears to be a link to actually *watch* any of the clips. I'm supposed to decide based upon the thumbnail alone? What am I not seeing?
In the top right corner of each thumbnail, it leads to the clip.

Just double checked, I didn't even have to click on that corner thing. The clip just comes up if I click on the thumb nail.

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I just get a hovering description if I do that, no clip. Clicking does nothing.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-02-26 23:30 ]
I clicked on the thumbnail and it brought up a screen with a 'we no play in your country' message.
After voting for Firefly, I just had to vote for "Dick In a Box", "J*** In My Pants", and "Jon Hamm's John Ham" in their respective categories. Those were some of the best SNL skits in recent times.

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It's not fair, Firefly is up against Dresden Files. *sigh*
Voted for Firefly, but Arrested Development was tempting.
It was a tough call between Firefly and Andy Barker for me. In the end, I went with Andy Barker because I feel it got less exposure than Firefly. Not to mention, Firefly has comics and its own big damn movie. :)
I understand the Arrested Development love, but it did get three seasons. Firefly only got one short one.

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