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February 26 2009

A James Marstersclass. This looks like fun. A one day event in London featuring an acting masterclass with James Marsters and Gareth David-Lloyd.

The event also includes autographs, photographs, Q and A sessions and an acoustic gig. Nice!

On sale at 16:00, sold out by 16:15?
Might take a bit longer, it's phone sales only. Possibly the Drill Hall didn't fancy one of James's fandom's now notorious server crashes.
I wish I could afford to go....:(

[ edited by alexreager on 2009-02-27 00:06 ]
You edited it to say that, but you forgot to remove the extra zero on the estimate?
Darn, I thought it was an actual hands-on Master's Class for actors.
I'd love to go, but haven't got that kind of change lying around.

It'd be amazing if he makes an appearance at the London MCM Expo. :P
This is all well and good for the people that can attend and I wish him great success....I just wish he would be on tv more so that ALL his fans can enjoy him. He never comes to Oregon. *pout*

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