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February 26 2009

Christian Kane talks more "Leverage." Discusses being reunited with Sam Anderson and wanting David Boreanaz to direct an episode.

BTW, production on Leverage is moving to Oregon.
Great interview! I hope David directs an episode. By the way, does anyone have a link to the wink between Christian and Sam, or does someone know how far into the episode the wink occurs? Thanks.
I had the day off and caught the entire season 1 run the other day. I really like this show. The cast kind of reminds me of our big damn heroes - insofar as the cool team-tension evolving into team-family vibe. Awesome cast. Developed characters. Great dialog. And also the crazy mad thief skills. Caper fun. I know people say it is derivative of Oceans 11, Rockford Files and Hustle. But it reminded me of Firefly a little bit. If only by how I felt watching and enjoying.
Kane is quite the salesman. Isn't he?
I started watching because Christian was in it, loved him in Angel and this show is so much fun.

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