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February 27 2009

(SPOILER) An A.V. Club interview with Dollhouse's Eliza Dushku. She's very enthused for what happens from episode 6 onwards, "from that point on, the world unfolds in Joss' way, with Joss' speed, and it's really remarkable" (mild spoilers in case you were wondering).

That was a good interview. I was surprised to see how honest Eliza was about the improvement from episode six onwards. We've all heard Joss and co. say things along those lines but she was surprisingly upfront with it, and I think that's a good thing.

I can't wait for episode six, I'm currently enjoying the show and if it's going to skyrocket in terms of quality, then I'm very excited.
Yes, I really liked her honesty in this interview.
I really want to like Dollhouse, but I can't help thinking about all those things that don't work... and that even if I loved the idea, the show is very similar to what has been seen before (Alias, The Pretender...), but less good.

So I'm really looking forward to the second part of the season, hoping they will overcome the lack of originality.

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Well, there is another way to interpret what she said: eps up to 6 are stand-alone, not as good as what she thinks is coming, and perhaps even disposable. It is like she is saying, hang in there until ep 6. This is not really a good message.

More important, though, is that she never directly answers the question if the network will support them through all 13 episodes.
No need to interpret it, Dana5140, she sais it quite literally:

AVC: Are you biting your nails in the interim? There are still a few more weeks before that episode airs.

ED: I think itís going to be important for Fox and for us to really push that message. Every show needs time to grow, and itís really difficult to set up a show, especially one with such a complicated, complex premise, thatís so multi-dimensional. We wantedóand Fox also wantedóthe first six episodes to be episodes people could pick up and understand what was going on even if they were late getting to the party, which I agree with. So the first six episodes are more self-contained. But once we sort of hit that place where the show takes off, I think itís going to be important to send some screener copies back out there to some of the reviewers that maybe didnít jump on board the first time around, or some of the diehard Joss fans that felt they were missing his voice in some of the first shows. Because his voice is back, and itís loud, and itís as exciting as ever once we get rolling.

I don't think that message is bad. I've heard from a lot of people that went "Meh." after the pilot but came back because of the "hang in there, it's getting better"-talk. You think somebody will judge a show negatively because of the "It's getting better"-talk?
This is not a bad message, if anything it's reassuring.

What worries me is that even if Joss shows were always slow to begin (except Firefly, which had one of the best pilot ever), it was fresh, it was original... it was already good, and was gonna get awesome. Dollhouse is the first Whedon show where I thought "that sounds bad" hearing some of the dialogues.
So it's hard for me to think it will become half as good as Buffy.
I really hope I'm wrong.

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Very reassuring. Great interview! It's also great to hear that she'll continue acting (in the films she's producing). I think there was a recent post that said Dollhouse would be her last acting job...or something to that effect.
I dunno, I still think a message whose subtext is the next 3 episodes aren't that great is not a message I'd want to be giving with my job on the line.
It's a good thing she didn't say that then.
I'm just thrilled they intend to send out some later episodes to reviewers. After all the critical slamming the show has been getting it's important to get the word out early that she show gets much better

ETA: Having now read the interview, I think the show's slogan should be: 'Save the Economy - Watch Dollhouse'

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I do think, by the way, that reviewers and Whedon fans like us are being much harder on the show than other viewers would be. As a Whedon obsessive I'm just a touch disappointed so far (though I absolutely believe that the show will get better) but of the other people I've got to watch the show - they're fans but to a lesser extent - most are actually liking it more than me

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What struck me was the last paragraph. I'd read soem absic interviews where ELiza mentioned her tomboyishness in passing, but I missed those where she went into such detail about it being a puberty-based survival skill set.
What I'm saying is, I never realized Faith had so much of the real ELiza's stuff in her. Makes me want to watch S-3, if I ever get the DVDs and assumign my replacemnt player actually works. And makes more understandable those critics and fans who accuse ELiza of being one-dimensional as an actress, they keep seeing that side.
Hey Daddycat, I'm not sure but you might have missed that it continues on a second page.

Anyway, I think it's a nice clever little suggestion to pull patriotism into the mix and have everyone stay in on Fridays to watch the show and wait until tomorrow to get plastered.

As for the fact that she really keeps selling the last six episodes of the season-- while it is a little troubling that they couldn't front-load the awesomeness, I don't think she's necessarily condemning or writing off the first six. She is mostly talking to/regarding the Whedon fanbase and presumably knows why we invest in his stuff so much, and is just pointing out that it will come eventually. (The problematic part being if we get to see it broadcast or have to wait for an inevitable DVD release.) ...Actually that whole strategy sort of throws me off since presumably a lot of fans will just stick around regardless so they can make an informed decision about if they'd tune into a hypothetical second season.

In any case though, it seems like even the standalone episodes might have some curious appeal to non-fans who just like dropping in and out of TV shows, or as stories of the week go.
It was a great interview. I love her honesty.

And, yeah, I think Whedon fans are a bit "too much" at times. What I've seen on Fox besides Dollhouse isn't necessarily par, but Dollhouse is picking up steam where others are just idling.

orangewaxlion, I believe that was the point of the stand-alones: to "hook" the innocent channel surfer and to get them addicted with eps 6-13. I wonder how many fish we've caught. Well, from what was reported, we're picking up more fish as the steam picks up. :)
orangewaxlion; Thanks, Saw it, good questions.

I liked the psot form the Creepy Whedon fan; nice & generic.

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