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February 27 2009

Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair now the Head of "90210". Congratulations to our former "Buffy"-scribe -- she's movin' on up in the world.

Now if she can only get Brian Austin Green back by the end of the season, I'll love her!
I really liked how the show improved once she was added to the writers room. Good news!
I wondered who Rebecca Sinclair was when I saw this on PopWatch. Didn't think it was possible that there was a "Gilmore Girls" writer whose name I wouldn't recognize.

I haven't seen "90210," but I can't imagine she'd be anything but good for the show.
She has a lot of names which I like. I have just started watching Gilmore Girls and I love the great writing. I'm pleased for RRKS because "Tabula Rasa" is one of my favourite Buffy episodes.
From Buffy to 90210 is moving up?!?
Being the head of one show trumps being a writer on another methinks. That's not really a reference to the quality of the shows.
Given her Buffy episodes were very 90210ish I think its a good fit.
My favorite RRK eppy of "Buffy" is probably season seven's "Help."
My fav RRK ep is 'Tabula Rasa' but I also love S7's 'Touched'.

Spike's speech to Buffy warms my heart every time I watch it.

Does anyone know if that speech was written by RRK or Joss himself?

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