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February 27 2009

Seth Green to Mars. Says THR: "[W]ill star in Walt Disney Pictures' 'Mars Needs Moms,' Disney and Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers' adaptation of the Berkeley Breathed children's novel."

I saw this news yesterday. Thanks for posting it for me ;-)

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I hope this falls less into the uncanny valley than Tom Hanks playing everyone, including the little kids (?), in The Polar Express. While Green does have some child-like enthusiasms and has been playing the son on Family Guy for ages, there's always something a little weird to me about watching grown actors pretend they're children. And it seems like Green's just trying to keep any future hims from popping up and usurping his spot. ^_^
How in the world did I miss that Berkeley Breathed has been writing children's books?!?!? I love that dude. I miss Bloom County so much.
The timing of this news is interesting, as I just recently read this book as part of my effort to catch up with post-Bloom Breathed. "A Christmas Wish for Wings that Work" had been a family favorite for some time, but I hadn't read his more recent stuff. It's great to know Seth Green is going to be involved, even if I'm somewhat leery of the Disney label.

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