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February 27 2009

OK! Magazine's countdown of Hottest Vampire Couples. Buffy and Angel are in at #2.

#1: Who can deny the sexual heat between True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)?

Ooh, pick me! ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist. I know some people think they are the Hottest Thing Evartm, but I am not among them. Maybe it happens much later after I quit watching? I found Bill to be very cold and wooden. No offense to those who do love them, of course. I would love to hear from those who do dig no the Sookie/Bill and the Edward/Bella what you love about them.
Yeah, Bill and Sookie, particularly their relationship, are my *least* favorite thing about True Blood. Eh.

Not the greatest list- put in some Spike and Dru, take out the Twilight nonsense, and spell Mina correctly, and maybe we'll talk...
Think Bill & Sookie being #1 can be attributed more to their timeliness than to their awesomeness.
Yeah, I found Spike/Buffy, Angel/Darla and Spike/Drusilla all "hotter" than Angel/Buffy (which is not to say that Angel/Buffy didn't have other strengths). But it was a given that I wouldn't share preferences with a list that includes Bill/Sookie and Edward/Bella in the top spots. :P

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What kind of vampire is named Bill? Is this True Blood any good, I have never even heard of it?
The kind of vampire who was a Civil War vet before he got turned.

True Blood is... Eh, it's okay. My wife really likes it, but I'm not as huge a fan as she is.
Well, technically Spike could be named Bill. Or Angel, for that matter. William is a very common vampire name. ;)
True Blood is actually a rather good show, with good leads and even better supporting actors, especially the folks who play Tara and Sookie's brother Jason. I like the show a great deal, though it does not hold a candle to Buffy. Sookie is sassy and has street smarts, but no cultural awareness and lives in a Louisiana backwater. But lord, there is just no way you can put them ahead of Bangel. If there is anyone at all who could, maybe could, belong there it would only be Drac and Mina Harker, but no one else. As for Edward and Bella, they need to go back to the kindergarten room where they belong.
Its no In Treatment ;).
A Buffy/Angel fan video set to some really crappy pop music? Dear god, no.

I love Bill and Sookie together. I agree Bill seems a little stiff at first, but he's actually just really old fashioned. I like them because in my opinion, they spark, and their conversations are lovely because of the old-fashioned way Bill speaks. They can be very poetic.

I also find a lot of similarities between Bill/Sookie and Buffy/Angel.

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I get that he was old fashioned, I just don't get a spark. I found there to be more chemistry between the beer and the glasses at the bar.
I agree Spike/Dru should definitely be there. I have no idea why Edward/Bella are on there - they are not hot! (The way I see it: a vampire which has no fangs, has a reflection, has never had human blood, glitters like a disco ball in the sunlight and can't be killed by sunlight or stakes is not a vampire, so they don't even count! Ok, stopping before going into full-blown Twilight rant mode..)

I never found Spike/Buffy hot though. It was twisted and destructive - which it was supposed to be and it succeeded in doing that, but IMO: that doesn't equal hot.

I don't understand why they used fanvids instead of pictures. And yeah, B/A fan videos to pop music - ick!
Don't really want to get into a debate about Spike/Buffy, but when Joss writes stuff like "the music (and who can blame it) swells [as Spike and Buffy kiss]", or says that, even though they eventually had to go dark, the relationship started out "light-hearted", "romantic" and "sexy", I'd say he, at least, viewed and intended it to be hot. ;) I'm sure he welcomes different opinions, though, as do I.

I think the Angel/Buffy video itself was well-done, it's just the music that's... not of the good.
I think for "hotness", Bill/Sookie does, in fact, blow away any of the Buffyverse vampire 'ships. Of course, part of that is probably to do with it being HBO. And I actually think that in the early going, I'm buying the Charlaine Harris/Alan Ball vision of vampirism as part of public life more than I am Joss'. I don't think Bill is cold, I think that he is A) a vampire (they aren't human!), and B) an anachronism. What human personality traits he does have were formed in a much different time. If anything, it makes him more believable for what he is than most vampire mythologies actually manage to be. So help me, even Edward Cullen is more believable in this respect than, for instance, Spike, Angel, Darla, "Moonlight"'s Mick St. John, etc.
No Spike/Buffy debates! I don't intend to start a debate - could end up as full scale war!

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Not to mention violating site rules, meaning that all such posts will be deleted. Just saying.

After a lukewarm start, I began to really dig True Blood, helped by my fondness for Ms. Paquin, and by reading the first source book, which was really rather enjoyable.
KoC - I get that, but I don't get any spark between Sookie/Bill. I don't think Bill is a boring character and agree that he is a product of his times, I just don't see any chemistry at all between them, so I can't really buy into the relationship. I also don't see the hotness as being defined by how much you can or can't show and obviously drastically disagree with you on the relative hotness of TB/BtVS pairings. I can totally understand, emotionally and intellectually, Buffy/Angel and Spike/Buffy.
Hey, wait until Eric, the tall blonde Nordic vamp of love makes his move. I'm just sayin'.

Glad they got The Hunger in there. Some more outside the box choices:

Anthony LaPaglia and Anne Parillaud, Innocent Blood

Frank Langella and Kate Nelligan, Dracula (not outside box but far superior hotness to Oldman/Ryder)

Near Dark

Fright Night (yes, hot)
I also don't see the hotness as being defined by how much you can or can't show

This is a great point. They take everything off in "Nip & Tuck", for example, and nothing I saw on that show could compare in hotness to, say, fully-clothed Angel/Buffy in Graduation Day, or fully-clothed Spike/Buffy in Smashed.
The fang placement of the vamps in True Blood made me twitch (and occasionally snicker), which was one thing on a long list of reasons why I very quickly abandoned the series, so I don't know enough about it to place Bill/Sookie on a particular rung of the hotness ladder. At any rate, I'm glad Buffy/Angel beat Edward/Bella.
And, as a matter of fact, Dracula/Mina is only hot depending on whose "adaptation" you're watching/reading. There was nothing hot about it in the original novel (or original movie, for that matter), and the glut of knock-offs which portray Mina as Dracula's secret willing lover has pretty much been a plaque on the entire genre. It might have been clever once or twice, but later authors seem to either think that no one ever thought of it before or think that's the way the original story went. Either way, it shows an irritating lack of awareness of the actual mythology they're writing in.
I think it's an automatic tendency to sue mroe prominently featured pairings in surveys like this. Angel was a lurve interest from the start, and had his own show, Spike was neither.

When I get my own machine again and a decnet graphics program, I think I'll do my Bangel fanvid to Mel McDaniel's "Memphis Might As Well Be on the Moon" he says with a totally straight face.
Nope, it's not In Treatment. But there are no vamps in In Treatment, just Sophie. The Charlaine Harris books are actually fun reads, and Sookie is a bit different in the books than on the TV screen- and yes, we need to keep an eye out for Eric.... just saying....
Bill & Sookie??? Blech.

Hear me out. I got hooked on True Blood while on vacation last year. It was intense, and when Bill & Sookie weren't together were the better times of the show. Meaning that once those 2 crazy kids hooked up, the magic was lost. Almost immediately after (in ONE day, to be exact), that relationship is destroyed.

When I went into that "ship", I was on Sookie's side. When I came out of that "ship", I was on Bill's side. And yeah, the side cast are pretty good. I'm really enjoyed Jason until his "eureka" moment. Tara... nu uh. Great at first, but then all hell broke loose and the whole town went bat-shit crazy. I'm wondering how Season 2 will fare. I hope it does well, and earns back some of that magic it had earlier on in the series with the main stars.
Cool B/A mention, although they should have been number 1, imo.
No Spuffy? Epic fails. I appreciate Bangel, but in terms of "hotness," Spuffy was ooozing it.
I will also withhold from a full Twilight rant, as I saw that movie last week Worlds of no.
I actually started out hating True Blood but kept watching it because a)Tara cracked me up and b)Jason Stackhouse, though a completely stupid asshole, is smokin' hot. I didn't care for Bill/Sookie at all, I thought their immediate attraction was cheesy. But actually, by the 5th episode, where Bill does the talk on the civil war, I thought it really started to pick up. And at that point, their relationship became more believable. Also, might I add without being too spoilery, sex. graveyard. ground? Both really creepy and surprisingly hot. So though I wouldn't put them as number one, I'd say Bill/Sookie deserved to be on that list for sure.
Yes, Spike and Buffy were far hotter than Angel and Buffy...for one thing, they got to have hot steamy sex a helluva lot more, and they knocked down buildings, did it in public (more than once), and when Angel made love with Buffy, he lost his soul. When the soulless Spike did, it put him on a (rather circuitous, to be sure) path to regain his.

I love True Blood though I cooled off on Anna Paquin as Sookie towards the end of the first season, depending on the episode. She was up, down, up, way way up after Grams and the scene with the pie, then down again when she acted like a big 'ole ho and unnecessarily and stupidly (gee thanks, writers) shut Bill down. The actors' chemistry is hot and it doesn't hurt they're a real-life couple. But I am waiting, for other things to happen. Until this show came along, there were no rivals for the chemistry between Sarah, David, and James, none, if you're just talking about vampire couples. In Buffy/Angel in general, Joss got away with a lot of temperature raising.
The actors' chemistry is hot...

Your mileage may vary, I guess :).
True. I think what people don't get about True Blood is that it is not a straight romantic drama. It is Southern camp and just profoundly odd, as well, which can make the romance/sexuality seem perhaps, not as satisfying or grounded in reality as Joss' shows, full of demons and otherworldly beings as they are.
True Blood is pretty epic, IMO. You have to watch past the first episode to really see its charm. It's not hard to get hooked either, since every episode ends in a cliffhanger. You also have to accept that it's different than Buffy. Personally, I love it to pieces.
Great to see B/A make the list.
Bill and Sookie? Really? I tried watching the show, I really did. I got about 7 or 8 episodes in before the ridiculousness of the vampires (c'mon, their fangs look like plastic!) and the creepy devout religion plot got to me. I just kept watching for Lafayette, who was awesome as all get out.

But still, great to see Buffy/Angel so high up (even though I personally find Buffy/Spike much hotter) and I'm just glad we ranked higher than Twilight! heh
I don't know.. everytime I see that picture of Bill and Sookie, I just keep thinking that Bill is by far the dweebiest looking vampire ever. And that's almost enough to keep me from watching True Blood.
I seem to have the opposite reaction to TruBlood. I thought it got worse as the season went along. If it wasn't for the new girl (church girl) I probably wouldn't be tuning in to season 2.

Bill/Sookie have nothing on Angel/Buffy. Look to the season finale of season 7, Angel hadn't been on the show in years, yet the chemistry was off the charts.

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I love True Blood and I do see the heat and chemistry between Bill and Sookie, but I wouldn't have put them in the #1 position. That should go to Buffy/Spike, IMO. (Which I think is OK to say, since it's discussing the subject of the post, as a whole).

Since the Drac/Mina pic was from the Coppola film (didn't watch the vid) with Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder, I'd definitely agree they deserve a place on the list.

Twilight .... let us never speak of it. ;)

Bill/Sookie have nothing on Angel/Buffy. Look to the season finale of season 7, Angel hadn't been on the show in years, yet the chemistry was off the charts.
seermagicx | February 28, 09:13 CET

And so the difference in opinions will always be there. IMO, the B/A chemistry in Chosen was in the minus column. I'd put Spike/Dru or Angel/Darla (on AtS) far ahead of Buffy/Angel, any day. In fact I'd love to see Spike/Dru make one of these lists, just once.
Chemistry is in the eyes of the beholder.I find the B/A bite scene from GD Part 2 pretty hot as well as the table breakage from IWRY.Also the workout from Helpless and the Tai Chi scene from Revelations.

It's just nice that a Buffyverse couple made the list
I agree, Buffyfantic. It is nice to see a Buffyverse couple make the list so high up, especially for the fact the show isn't on the air anymore and there are other vamp couples in the limelight now.

I've always found B/A to be hot, so I'm happy to see recognition like this.
I don't get HBO so I've never watched True Blood but I love that someone said that "fang placement" made them not like the show. Hee hee that's great!

I'm not sure whoever made the list watched all of these shows as they got the info on the Lestat relationship wrong. It was set in present day, not when Lestat was turned.

Also Spike and Buffy were hot! Angel and Buffy were romantic at first, then angsty, made me cry, then later yawn, but to me, not hot in the slightest. To each their own.

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