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February 28 2009

(SPOILER) Press Release for Dollhouse 1x06 "Man on The Street". Joss' game-changer features Patton Oswalt as a guest star.

Interesting to finally see an outline of what the episode's about. Tahmoh Penikett says the same thing as Eliza about how the show really takes off about halfway into the season.
David Barry Gray, huh.
Amy's in every episode (so far). Why isn't she a full cast member? (Maybe a "red shirt" -- i.e., future casualty?)
David Barry Gray, huh.

A Joss-penned episode with a character named Bicks. C'mon, that can't be coincidental. Can it?
So, we really know very little about the next two episodes, right? I mean, we've heard a bit about the post episode 6 episodes, but the reviewers haven't even seen 4 and 5, right?

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