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February 28 2009

(SPOILER) TWoP Posts. . . Dollhouse: Do These Characters Seem Familiar to You? Dollhouse: Joss Whedon Characters in the 'House! (very mild spoilers)

Here at TWoP, many of us are huge fans of the TV shows of Joss Whedon. (Hey, we're geeks -- so sue us.) And ever since we found out about his latest series, Dollhouse, we've been looking forward to it with bated breath. ...Of course, now that it's here, we can't help but hold it up against all of his previous shows! That may seem like a tall order -- after all, nothing is as good as Buffy in its prime -- but it certainly doesn't hurt that two of the cast members are Joss Whedon show alumni, and the rest just feel like Whedon characters. In this, our guide to the characters of Dollhouse, we call out the Buffy, Angel and Firefly characters that each of them reminds us of, for better or for worse.

Bad comparisons IMO
Some of them were okay, but how exactly do you compare Alpha to anyone?
Are there spoilers here?
There is one teeny, tiny spoiler for those folks who are such spoiler-phobes that they refuse to watch the promos for the following week's episode. Does that count?
Which spoiler is it?
Under the Echo character screen, it mentions the assignment she is on in next week's episode:

"Those jobs can include motorcycle racing, mountain climbing and , although they usually also involve having sex with the client."
I wasn't terribly impressed, though the "Stevedore" comment made me laugh pretty hard.
I liked the Adelle/Lilah comparison. Pretty spot on if you ask me.

If you like Dollhouse you should read Couch Baron's recaps. They're delightfully addictive.

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Yeah, the Adele/Lilah comparison seemed pretty apt. Ballard/Lochley works reasonably well, too.

I'd put Boyd more like Zoe, though. Aside from the gender difference and skin color similarities, Zoe was loyal, lethal without being bloodthirsty, and capable of toeing the line moreso than most of the rest of her peers.

Dominic could easily be Gavin Park, if we're not limited to protagonists.
A comparison was made with Lilah, so I assume non-protagonists aren't off-limits.

I actually found most of their comparisons to be reasonably good. I doubt they're especially useful as Joss-predictors, but they're not bad.
A lot of these were pretty good. Joss does have a tendency to write similar folks (beyond the normal SFCs) -- when I first saw Firefly I was doing the Wash/Xander, Spike/Jayne matchups.
These are all "role" type comparisons. So and so was a doctor.. OOOH they're just like so and so!

In that sense I could go - well Dr. Quinn is a doctor in the old west.. she's just like Simon Tam!
Yeah, most of them were way to much of a stretch, IMHO. Especially Alpha Angelus and I really didn't see River in Sierra (primarily because Sierra isn't really as much of a character yet as Echo. Sure we've seen her when active, but was she really Sierra? I don't think so.)
Adelle reminded me of Lilah instantly. And Topher is very Andrew-like but I don't really see how Alpha can compare to Angelus much.
I thought Jayne was Cordelia. In fact, I have a vague memory of Joss actually saying that...

The TWOP recaps are great, but most of these comparisons are forced and artificial. Echo reminds me of River, not Buffy -- there's strength lurking there within her, and she's growing to know (or remember) her own power, which is being manipulated by people who are using her for their own ends. River's journey was more similar than Buffy's, who always knew who she was, even as she was always struggling with how to handle her power. Sierra also may be like River, but we don't know that yet. Maybe she's Willow...

Adelle physically resembles Lilah, but I'm not sure the characters are that analogous -- maybe, but I think we'll have to see where they go. I think Laurence is a bit more like Lindsay than Jayne, maybe Alpha is the First, Ballard is Xander, Viktor/Lubov is Doyle...but really, it seems very silly to make these comparisons just three shows in.

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