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March 01 2009

Vote for Buffy in "TV Cup". Vote for your favorite series of the 90's (I mean Buffy, of course) in this poll with the format of a soccer cup. In related poll news, Geek Madness is down to the final Reasonable Eight, with Simon Pegg vs Kaylee and Joss vs Felicia.

It's going against The Sopranos, but Buffy is Buffy. Let's help our favorite slayer win!

It has to end with South Park against Buffy, The Simpsons or Friends, I think....
Personally, I wouldve prefered a Buffy/Friends final..but we dont seem to be able to have both...
I added Monkey Joe's entry to this one, saves space on the front page.
Thanks guys! Thanks to you, we're already winning. =D
How is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air doing competently against South Park? That makes me shudder.

[ edited by userpjx on 2009-03-01 21:29 ]
I refuse to vote for any of the Geek Madness entries. I simply cannot be forced to choose between my love for Spaced and my love for Firefly. Nor is it remotely fair to pit Joss against Felicia. :(
Why would Buffy be up against The Sopranos? Very odd.
Because both of them are from the 90's.

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