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March 01 2009

Video: It's The End Of The 'Verse As We Know It. I heard about this through Linda Russel of the Charlotte (NC) Browncoats. Just a really funny version of the song by REM, performed live by a talented Duet. Lead singing and lyrics by Eben Brooks. Enjoy!

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Charlotte is actually in NC! :) The Charlotte Browncoats are my crew!
"Zoe had to take a loss / What the hell, Joss?"

So true.
Sorry, glorificus314... fixed it.
This made me very happy.
lyrics copyright 2009 by Eben Brooks

That's odd, it starts with a Train Job
Jayne's a slob, and Oh, My God!
All the girls are smokin' hot! (I'll be in my bunk)

I am a floating leaf, listen to the wind swirl
'Verse serves its own needs regardless of your own needs
Fly is, Mister Wash, please. Jayne, go sit down
River's been delivered in a coffin-sized airtight
Why do we conspire? The Alliance is engaged
In a government desire to control your life
Miranda's where we're going in a fever
With the Reavers breathing down...our...necks!
Creeping by on minimal power. Keep fingers crossed
Look at all those ships! Gor! Ram!
Uh, oh! Here we go! Population's littering the city streets
Move your feet, deadbeat
'Verse serves its own needs, Reavers hear your heart beat
Parody the Rapture and the Armageddon out! of! here!
We're vitriolic, hyperbolic, fifteen percent alcoholic
Heroes! Damn! Big!

It's the end of the 'verse as we know it
(God, oh God, we're going to die!)*
And I feel fine!

Simon Tam, he's a surgeon, got a lot o' book-learnin'
Don't know how to talk to girls, listens to the wind swirl
Here's a guy in uniform, a Book-burning black man
In every manner reprobate, working for the police state
In a battle in a valley, beat down, beat down
Watching bombs crush crush. Uh, oh! This means
No staff golden calf, a renegade space craft
Turning our misfortune into private enterprise
Offer me a bounty, offer me protection
I despise your lies!


The other night we tripped across cargo that we couldn't toss
So we had to take a loss; WHAT! THE! HELL! JOSS?
Running from mobsters, River kills the monsters
Kiss the girl, oh, damn! Special Hell! BOOM!
We're idiotic histrionic big damn heroes!
Right? Right!



*Allison sang this line as "Oh, God, we're all going to die" instead of how it's written.


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