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March 01 2009

Extras sought for the fan film "Browncoats: Redemption". If you've ever entertained the notion of appearing in the 'Verse, well this could be your lucky day.

Oh gosh, if I only had the time! I could be that leering extra in the corner sparring the hero with looks of misintent. Sigh.

Cetainly looking foward to the film, these fan films are putting Hollow Wood (sp intentional) to shame.
Hollow Wood? Hee hee.

I would love to do this, but the dates don't work out. :(
What is this exactly?
jaxn, check here.
Jaxn, I recently had a conversation with someone close to this film, and the enthusiasm on display is palpable - it looks like they're going to be doing a very original take on the subject matter!

Think like the Star Trek fan films (which have been sometimes terrible, and sometimes (like "To Serve All My Days") Amazing. Hopefully this will be the latter!

Best of luck to them!!

(EDIT: Typos are not shiny)

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We'd love to have any Firefly/Serenity, or any of the Whedon'verse, fans out for filming. We'll be filming at several location in the month of April at different locations in the state of Maryland.

Writer/Director "Browncoats:Redemption"

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