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March 01 2009

Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse at PaleyFest '09 - individual public tickets on sale now!

Is anyone from here going?
I'm headed to BSG with some friends. No one wanted to join me for Dr. H or Dollhouse. Also, I'm poor.
I'd go myself but wrong continent and a baby on the way.
I'll be at the Dr. Horrible panel, but that's as much as I can afford this time around - still paying off the Buffy Reunion package from last year . . .
I still think the tickets are overpriced, but I went ahead and got Dollhouse tickets. The demand doesn't seem very high this year. Everything's usually sold out by now. Maybe Paley should have taken the economy into account with their prices.
I should be there for both, or that's my intent. I had a member snag me tickets to both panels, and since I just got a royalty payment from one of my late Dad's plays, I should actually be able to book airfaire.

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I'll be at both (plus True Blood). And I'm baffled by how easy it was to get tickets this year. Last year I thought my head was going to explode.
Paley Fest has a panel for The Hills? What?
I'm going. They worked most of the bugs out of the system this year it seems and having the tickets go onsale for the public on a Sunday was a good idea.
I will be at both plus True Blood, BSG, and The Mentalist.
Its going to be awesome! I too am thrilled with much easier ticket purchases, I would not wish on anyone the difficulty of buying tickets last year.
C you all in 6 weeks
Pretty please take some pictures and share the experience:)
Madhatter, these are Joss fans we're talking about. You think there won't be a bunch of reports? ;)
I'm going to Dr. Horrible. *bounces* I wish I could afford to see Dollhouse and BSG too, but alas, my wallet says, "No." :(
The demand doesn't seem very high this year. Everything's usually sold out by now. Maybe Paley should have taken the economy into account with their prices.

There are still non-member tickets left for everything I'd want to see if I could :o. Unbelievable, remembering last year. Besides the economy, I guess there's nothing this year as frenzy-inducing as the Buffy Reunion. There's such good stuff, though.
I just got my tickets. I was really worried because my alarm didn't go off this morning and I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to get tickets (I went through HELL--both financial and emotional--to get tickets for the Buffy Reunion) but when I saw the $50+ price tag, I couldn't help hesitating.

But last year it was a great experience, so I bit the bullet on that one. I can't wait until April!
The price tag for Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible was too much for me, as much as I'd love to go. I am however going to go to the Pushing Daisies screening, which was much more reasonable.
I would so go to the Doc and Dollhouse panels, but they are scheduled smack in the middle of my first European vacation in four years.

Considering that I would've sold my soul - or anybody else's - for tickets to the Buffy panel last year, high irony indeed.

But I'm glad it's so much smoother and easier for those of you who can make it.

Because that's what friends do.

want to go! not gonna make it.

Serious question: If Dollhouse is canceled by then, do they just reminisce about what was?
Serious question: If Dollhouse is canceled by then, do they just reminisce about what was?

I think they invite all of us out to get drunk.
Wow, it was easier last year when I couldn't get a ticket. Now I can get a ticket, but I feel that I shouldn't waste so much money (because hotels are over priced as well as the tickets being very pricey). I wonder if they have put it into a larger venue this year, or if the demand is just down?
If flights were less, I'd consider it. I always take a vacation in April but never go anywhere. Hope everyone has fun. Ooo.. a Pushing Daisies event too! (Anyone going to that?)
Same venue as last year at the same prices. I'm going to the Pushing Daisies one as well.
I'll be at Pushing Daisies! Huzzah! BTW, I've met some of the crew (well, 2 of them), and they weren't really aware of the cult fanbase. They kinda thought no one liked it, which they found unfortunate because they thought it was awesome. They were very happy to meet me and find out there were lots of devoted fans.
Wish I could go, but I can't justify the expense.
April 15th of all days!
well since it's a block from my place and i couldn't get tickets last year - i snagged some for Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. unfortunately, BSG/Caprica is out of the question - i would be missing too much school :(
what?! how much were Pushing Daisies tickets? I figured they were the same price and didn't get them, but now they're sold out!

Such. A. Good. Show.
They were only $15, because it's a screening only. Looking forward to seeing the (unfortunately) last episodes.
Last year I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to the Buffy reunion from a nice woman who had an extra because her husband couldn't go, but I dunno if I can afford it this year. If I somehow come into lots of money this week I'll be there.
Well, non-members prices are $45 per event. BSG is sold out, but the Whedon shows are still available. I'm very tempted to tap myself further into debt to go.
I just booked a cheap-ass motel in the area. Booking my flights later today. I'll be in LA for Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse.

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