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March 01 2009

Summer talks Big Bang Theory. Before the T:SCC panel at WonderCon, Summer Glau talked to reporters about playing herself on an upcoming episode of the CBS sitcom.

It figures that the included photo is Moist meets River.
FWIW, (picking nits here) Summer plays an android in T:SCC, not a robot. That being said, I doubt she'll come off as mean, even if she does put the fanboys in their place(s.) I wish the episode were airing tomorrow night, instead of another week hence, but I think I'll be able to wait. As I've previously posted, I'm really looking forward to this.

ETA: I recant my nit. An android is a subclass of robot - an anthropomorphized robot. And it may be even more applicable to call Cameron a replicant (DADES/Blade Runner) or skin-job (BSG.)

And i09 has SPOILER some hopeful news for T:SCC fans who have been a bit bored these past few episodes. Now I'm getting interested (again.)

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So, they won't mention Firefly or The 4400 then? Not like any Summer geek-fan-boy that I know.

Meaning me.
I'm impressed that they got this interview up online so fast, she was just onstage a few hours ago! I'm so glad she came to San Francisco, I really enjoyed the panel (and the Chuck panel too).

Oh and I wanted to add: someone at Creation Con asked Summer what the most embarrassing thing a fan ever did or said to her, and her response was 'I would never tell, I know how lucky I am to have fans and I would never joke about them' (not an exact quote, I am not sure where my notes are for her Q&A).

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I definitely think it will be a hoot to see Summer playing Summer and having to fend off the Big Bang Theory nerd herd. All kinds of meta...but with a good dose of hi-freaking-larity :D

And I dunno if I would place Cameron in the same category as Replicants or Skinjobs. Both are fully able to pass as humans (including biologically) bar the former type's lack of empathy and the latter group's initial desire to see humanity wiped out...Cameron seems closer to being a version of the Singh-type android (i.e B4, Lore, Data and Lal) introduced in ST:TNG, but more advanced in the area of near-perfect synthetic skin, bodily fluids, hair and eyes ;)
So this is interesting... March 9th is gonna be an busy night for Firefly alum: Summer is on Big Bang, Adam will be back when Chuck picks up again, and Nathan debuts his Castle!!!
Set your DVR's people!
b!x, please tell me you didn't use River and (Moist)in the same sentence? Oh my, are those helldogs barking?

Hey, innocent bystander here!
Ironically the word robot was first used in the play Rossum's Universal Robots to refer to artificial biological humans, while the word android was popularized (although it was invented earlier) by the 19th century novel L'Ève future (I think I spelled that right) in reference to mechanical artifical humans.

There's your fun geek fact for the day :)

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