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March 01 2009

IGN TV Reviews "Flowers For Your Grave." IGN TV offers their thoughts on the premier episode of Castle in advance of the series start.

The episode gets a score of 7.6./10, with the big point loss coming due to the initial presentation of Castle's man-child personality, with Matt Fowler noting that Castle's behaviour paints him as more of a callous and OTT jackass than an irrepressible rogue with a dark sense of humour who we'll all love with hesitation.

The review does seem cautiously hopeful that there's quality stuff to find in the series, with Fowler making note that it's the more sedate and introspective moments where Nathan really shines rather than the zany moments the trailers have showcased. That and there's chemistry between Nathan and Stana Katic's Kate Beckett, especially when bonding over theories of why people kill.

ETA: Edited the extended description to emphasize that it was the reviewer who was turned off by Castle's shenanigans and not me. Haven't seen the episode, but my VCR - yeah, I am that technically behind - is all kinds of primed for the fun.

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It's jarring to see Stana Katic act without doing the Israeli accent.

See there is some room for character growth...Richard Castle can grow into "an irrepressible rogue with a dark sense of humour".

I think the daughter is probably living with him to try and help him.
I'm really looking forward to this show. I have high hopes.
I'm only realizing now how tired I am of the "Two teammates with clear sexual (and sometimes emotional) chemistry that will likely never come to fruition" trope.

Still, I might check out the show for Nathan. I lurv him.
Yeah, it's called "Moonlighting". Still, I'm thinking Nathan may have a thing here.
One person's callous jackass is another person's irrepressible rogue. Meaning, I'm charmed by what I've seen of the character so far. But I'm certainly not heading into it expecting to see Mal.
Rick Castle is much more Captain Hammer and very little Malcolm Reynolds. Smarmy/Charming. Smarming.
Ha! Smarming. Joss and Lewis Carroll would be proud. Portmanteaus are my favorite thing in the world, next to a good pun. Yes, there are good puns. Leave me alone.

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