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March 02 2009

Neil Patrick Harris on Ellen today. Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory is also on. Maybe she'll talk about Summer.

My listings say the show is a repeat so I don't think she will be mentioning Summer.
According to the promo it's new.

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It's definitely new. Neil filmed his segment on Thursday. The Ellen site confirms its new ("NEIL PATRICK HARRIS (“How I Met Your Mother”): We both love “American Idol” -- and Neil gives me the inside scoop! (He’s good friends with one of the judges!) Neil is also a skilled magician, and every time he’s here, he performs a new trick! (He once chopped off his own head in front of my eyes!) He does some “mind” magic today with a spoon and a light bulb -- and I promise you’ll be blown away!") and somebody from the Ellen show emailed asking us to promote the appearance.
Well, that's Time Warner cable for you...they don't know their @$$ from a hole in the ground.
Video! (Not great quality but it gets the job done!)
Thanks for the video. Someone forgot to set the DVR... (me).
The old bending spoon and light bulb gags?
NPH wouldn't do that!
Oh...never mind, NPH did do that.
The light bulb was cool. I don't know how he did that one. His excitement for magic gets me excited. :)
It was just a twist on the old squeeze bulb gag. it has a power source in the bulb and a pressure switch or wireless switch.

The pressure switch would explain why the bulb broke after the gag. It might have even been an accident from applying too much pressure to the bulb (by pulling the bag apart) to activate the switch.

The bulb was a high quality prop though.

I guess I just expect more from NPH these days than a couple of dime store prop gags, especially on TV.

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