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March 02 2009

(SPOILER) Promotional photos for Dollhouse 1x06. Spoiler TV has a couple of new stills from "Man on the Street".

Hee hee hee.
Oh good. I'm really looking forward to seeing the scene where Paul

Do I have a crush on Tahmoh? You could call it that. I call it love.
We can be spoilery here, right?

I saw a Youtube fan made music video for the Dollhouse theme, and the scene between Echo and Ballard was in it. I'm not sure how they got the clip (maybe it was from the leaked pilot? I remember them meeting in a scene leaked last year, where they meet in an old dusty warehouse and I think "Echo" was trying to find her "sister") Point is, since this is the hallowed "sixth episode" where the show gears up, I'm excited. I already see things I like. Things I like including actual progression in the Ballard part of the show, not just constant playground mockery.
Eliza's smokin..

Just a thought but are we thinkin that maybe Ballard's been fired or given time off work? He's not in a suit, and yes the thought has occurred to me that FBI agents do have normal clothes too, but Paul's been completely engrossed in his work.. which is why he's always the suit guy.

Perhaps after the shooting in 'Stage Fright' they took away his badge (do they do that in the FBI?) and he's working freelance?

Canít wait for this episode!

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Or maybe he's off duty because of a gun-shot wound to the stomach and it's required time off?

But, since Paul can't stop (to a fault), he pursues the Dollhouse in his off-hours as well. (Hence the lack of a life he currently has.)

I still feel awful for his neighbor. She wants to support him & comfort him but he's always looking the other way.
Excellent wallpaper material. It's also the episode I'm looking forward to.

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