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March 02 2009

Lynda Carter thinks Eliza would make a great Wonder Woman and is happy to pass the baton to Ms Dushku.

Even though Joss is, as far as we know, no longer involved in the WW movie she says nice things about him and Eliza. This is dated today but could be a quote from a couple of years ago.

Carter, who played the iconic character on TV in the 1970s, insists the world needs a new Wonder Woman - and if reports suggesting director Joss Whedon is set to launch a new franchise with Dushku are correct, the original star would be thrilled.

Eliza was never officially--or, according to Joss, even unofficially--attached to the project, was she? He always said that he'd never even thought about casting, even when he posted his, "Satin tights no longer!" post.

Oh well. Nice to hear people say good things of Eliza, though I'm a little surprised Lynda Carter knows who she is... oh well.

ET make Eliza a girl, which she is!

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Although Eliza has said that she'd like the role and I've got nothing but love for her I can't see her as Wonder Woman. She's too short for an Amazon princess.
Lynda Carter is a Joss fan?

I'm not in 'the know' about WW, but from the little I do know, I don't think Eliza would be the best Whedonverse actress to take on such a role. It'd be amazing, but I can't see it...

I don't even think an WW film franchise would get past the first film.
She's too short for an Amazon princess.
Well, the current incarnation, at any rate - I believe the "DC Universe Encyclopedia" has her listed at 6'0" and 165 lbs. The 1940s version was quite different.
I think Morena would be the best Whedonverse actor to play WW.
6'00 and 165 lbs? Really? I'm more of a Marvel comics kinda gal but props to DC for not making Diana Prince (is it still Diana Prince?) all eating disorder size.
I'm 5'5" and when I met Eliza (A perk of living in the greater Boston area is that you might just run into her.) and she was eye level to me.
I was actually impressed with the look of Emily Deschanel in the Halloween episode of Bones where she wore the Wonder Woman costume.

She also has the larger-boned look which would fit.
It's news to me that Eliza was ever considered an official candidate for the role...

But if that means Lynda is a Joss fan, that is really cool! Pretty sweet that she admires him for being a writer of strong women! To me, Buffy was the Wonder Woman in a modern setting.
I like the idea of Gina Torres as Wonder Woman myself...
Wonder Woman had two films to fill I believe...
Wonder Woman and then the Justice League Movie

Marvel is doing the S.H.I.E.L.D. Movie, right?
Iron Man, The Hulk...
I love that Carter is a Whedon Fan.
Jobo I was also pleasantly surprised to see she knows who Eliza is... I love Eliza, but I always felt she is not that well-known. I guess, maybe it's different for actors, and there have been plenty of rumors involving Joss and Eliza and Wonder Woman.
I don't know, I'm sure I'd like an Eliza Wonder Woman, but I'd definitely LOVE a Whedon Wonder Woman.
That Lynda Carter, what a great broad! How often do you see such a generous statement.

I like to think Wonder Woman could encompass many sizes and shapes. Does Joss still own his script or did the studio retain it?
I'm with GreenQueen. I would LOVE to see Gina Torres as Wonder Woman.

Morena Baccarin is a close second, though.
I certainly buy Gina Torres as an Amazon, but if I imagine the Studio Execs would consider the ethnicity issue too risky. Your core fans will want someone that they can project past representations of WW onto, and it's probably not a great idea, financially, to go into this thing with your core fans pissed off with you.

On the other hand, if you went by the "there's no such thing as bad publicity" angle, it could be a clever "get everyone talking" move. You could draw some cute parallels with aspects of the Obama campaign/biography.
People actually tell WENN things? I find that hard to believe. I thought they just made stuff up.
Loved watching Linda Carter as Wonder Woman, and yes please can she be back in some form or another. We do need a new one (Wonder Woman that is, not Linda Carter, 'cos original Linda Carter is brill as is). Joss would've been awesome (as writer of said Wonder Woman not as Wonder Woman himself, although, never mind). Wished I had loads of money to throw at him to see what would have eventuated but alas, not to be (for the moment at least *fingers crossed*, here's looking at you Joel Silver or similar *cough* Mary Parent *cough* United Artists, please buy the rights mebbe?).

Also heard in 2007, rumours of a Justice League Movie, and an Australian model, Megan Gale was said to have been cast by George Miller to play WW, (rumours confirmed by Megan Gale herself) which, from this article, here, would have been fantastic, but this has seemed to have been shelved also. *Sighs* and *curses* Sky Bully for lack of Wonder Woman reincarnate appearage.
I think you mean an Avengers movie Wilhelm, which in a way is a SHIELD movie but only tangentially atleast as far as my limited understanding of things Marvel goes.

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As a comics reader for the last 30 years, I've read my share of WW books. I think the best single representation of Wondy is in Alex Ross and Paul Dini's masterpiece, Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth.

As an iconic character, I see her as power and beauty personified. Eliza would be great if they did some sort of back story where she doesnt know who she is...lost her memory and has been living in NYC for the last 20 years as a daily news reporter or something.

Otherwise, I just dont see the physical necessities to play WW. IMO, it needs to be someone with a greater physical presence and the ability to sound noble with basic conversation. It's not easy to make prose sound like verse without looking silly (esp. while wearing brightly colored spandex underwear.)
For some reason, Gina always came off as noble sounding to me. Maybe it was her time as a PTB that displays it. She always presents the leadership, comfort, and warrior aspect I'd like to see on a screen. :)
As much as I hate to say it: Megan Fox would make an EXCELLENT Wonder Woman...with Colbie Smulders a close 2nd.
I am glad there is another "Colbie Smulders for Wonder Woman" supporter. Eliza would be great as well though.

Wonder Woman doesn't have to be tall though. Did we really care that they chose a short Cyclops for X-men. They just filmed from low angles and put him up on boxes a lot. My point is that I would rather have the look than the height since the height is not that obvious on film.

I really don't want to see Wonder Woman change ethnicity though, even though I loved Gina in serenity. I just have an image of Wonder Woman and her Greek like civilization from the various Wonder woman media over the years, and that is important to me as Snot Monster said.

It would also look like they were trying to be politically correct. Electric Spacegirl's "Obamazon" comment summed this up well I think

It is like the new Battlestar Galactica, I really loved the old Cylons and the Egyptian theme of the colonies. It was upsetting to me when they changed the look to make it more modern. Yes, I was also one of the people that didn't like the idea of a female Starbuck. I still find her character annoying and hard to watch, although that has nothing to do with her being a woman.

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