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August 28 2003

Jane Espenson's ecomic 'Jonathan' - part one. The adventures of a Superstar.

Been waiting to read this for ages. Brilliant, that's all I can say.

I still believe Superstar proved Danny Strong could carry a series. Maybe not as a cross between James Bond and John Steed, but he'd be a great lead in a well written action comedy. Espenson's captured the "voice" of Jonathan well. I wish the art were better, though.
I don't even look at the art work, I just skip from text to text.
I love it! I got to meet Danny Strong at the San Diego Comic Con last month and he was such a nice guy. When I told him that "Superstar" is one of my favorite episodes he was so flattered, it was adorable. I couldn't get over how blue is eyes were, such a cutie in person. I'd definitly watch a Danny Strong Action/Comedy, Zach!
Y'know if Dushku had done Faith the Vampire Slayer, and whoever's doing Tru Calling woulda rewritten the concept to accomodate Strong in the lead role, this fall wouldn't look as bleak as it does.

TARZAN? COUPLING? What were they thinking??
Dude should definitely get a series. In the many appearances he's had in the show, he's shown great range. From meek and meager, to heroic and stoic. He can totally handle a major role on a full time basis. Either that or a prominent role in an ensemble.
So how do we make it happen?
*crickets chirping*

Ya buncha pansies!
Jonathan is my hero! ^_-

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