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March 02 2009

'Angel of Death' Webseries co-starring Doug Jones. Zoe Bell stars as 'Eve' ("The Angel of Death"), a mafia assassin who grows a conscience, along with Doug Jones as 'Dr. Rankin', her heroin-addicted mafia doctor.

Aw, I thought they were doing some kind of spin-off of one of the creatures Doug Jones played in Hellboy 2, one of the coolest and most convincing monster make-up/prosthetics designs ever.
This is very cool. Thanks for the link.

Nobody kicks butt like Zoe Bell.
I'm just curious where the Whedon relation is. Not disrespectful-like or anything, but I didn't recognize these people. How do we know them?
Doug Jones was the tall Gentleman in Hush. And, for my money, the creepiest.
Doug Jones was the lead Gentleman.
Doug Jones played the lead Gentleman in Season 4's "Hush". He may have played other monsters as well in the Buffyverse, but if he did his IMDB profile doesn't reflect that.

He gets mentioned a lot because he's one of the most interviewed suit actors who played in the Buffyverse (and in movie-land in general), very enthusiastic about his craft, and he's played a lot of very cool characters/creatures in other properties (ie, both The Faun and the Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth).

I could've sworn he was one of the aliens in Alien Resurrection, thought I saw that credit on his profile a while back, but maybe that was another Buffyverse demon actor.
I was hoping there was some way to tie this in for Whedonesque! I'm excited about this web series, mainly because of Ted Raimi. (That sounds as if it may be sarcasm, but I am being sincere -- he's got immense range... he needs to be on some Whedon shows).
I'm mainly excited because it's another cool creator playing around with web content. (For those who might not know, Ed Brubaker is pretty much the Crime King of Comics. So it's fun to see some live action from him.

This, along with Dr. Horrible and PG Porn, is just further proof that the internet is turning out to be an ideal playground for projects that would have a hard time finding a place on TV.

'Sides, how can you not like a show where the main character is a tough enough chick to take a knife to the brain? And coke snorting Dougtor Jones?

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