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March 02 2009

(SPOILER) Franco Urru Cover For Angel #23 - The Gunn Story. Brian Lynch posts the Franco cover for the Gunn One-Shot in Angel#23.The cover has a massive spoiler for the issue.And the text has some light spoilers.

So....who is it standing over him? =/
Hmm, I wonder why they are bringing he/she/it back. I figured it was well dead, and this can only lead to problems. It's bad hoodoo.
From the hairstyle, it looks to be
Oh right. Nobody's dead. I forgot about that.
@Emmie: The arms look different to hers though....
@DawnLover90: The spikes on the arms... very much like hers. I think Emmie is right on this one.
Actually, the arms only convince me even more that that it's her.
I was scratching my head when I was like.. "who is that, am I a bad fan for not knowing?" but yes.. Non, forgot she was alive and kickin.
Sounds like it's a Non-issue! GET IT????

In other news, I didn't know that Lynch and Urru would be back to Angel together... I must've missed that somewhere. Will have to check the comic out.
"Non-issue" is the best joke I've heard all day. Bravo!
Thanks bro, it can be a tough sell around these parts sometimes. I really knocked that one out of the park, however. It's gone.
The shadow's hair made me think of Syndrome from The Incredibles personally...

Great artwork though :D
Yes,it's Non from Spike:ATF.The arm spikes and hairstyle give it away.
Syndrome from the incredibles? Best Crossover Ever!
I liked Non. Especially when Spike beat her up. She always gave me the "icky" vibe. Good baddie.

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