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March 02 2009

Wonder Woman Animated DVD released today. Our Captain got promoted to Colonel: Nathan Fillion - Col. Steve Trevor (voice).

There is also a single disc version: Anybody know what the extras are?

Saw this at New York Comic Con and it was amazing. I was worried that it would be mediocre to bad thus giving naysayers fuel for their "well, that's why Wonder Woman doesn't sell" fire. I can happily say that not only is it spectacular but all online reviews I've been able to dig up agree, ranging from positive to extremely positive. Can't wait to own this on Blu-ray today.
Also, Nathan is great in it (naturally). He recorded a special greeting for NYCC that ran before the screening. It went something like, "Hey, sorry I can't be there for the premiere. I'm busy filming Serenity 2. [pause] Aw, I'm just kiddin'." At which point, of course, the entire audience let out a collective "Argh!" of love for that geeky hunk of a man.
This is one of my favorite of the new, more adult oriented, animated Super Hero movies. We have suffered through too many years of super hero cartoons for children. You would have thought the American film industry learned that adults like animation way back with Princess Mononoke and South Park the movie.

This is a slightly different Wonder Woman from the one we saw in Justice League: The New Frontier, but she is still very Wonder Woman.

I also like the inclusion of the old gods in this movie and in the Thor/Hulk animated short story. The sex and violence is nice to see in an American animation, but including non-christian gods is also a big step forward in my opinion. It makes me think that maybe The US isn't quite as bad as the middle eastern countries when it comes to censorship.

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Princess Mononoke did good at the box office ? Or amazing on DVD ? I love it, I used to own it, but I always figured it only did respectable numbers, not enough that would get the US film industry to sit up and take notice (Spirited Away did that a little better, didn't it?).

Yeah, you'd think the South Park film would've lead to more wide release adult cartoons. I guess Team America's puppets were the closest we'd get for a follow-up, but again, that's from Matt and Trey. The closest anyone else gets is throwing adults a bone with the bigger computer animated flicks like Shrek (I love the first two still, to be honest...third one was okay, looking forward to how they wrap up the franchise with the planned last few films). Or direct-to-DVD efforts like Samuel L. Jackson's Afro Samurai, which I've yet to see.

Also, the popularity of animated comedy in prime time should've prompted more adult humor on the big screen in cartoon form as well. And I don't just mean The Simpsons, or the possibility of putting a Family Guy film up there. Something new.

I have yet to be super-disappointed (sorry) by any of DC's direct-to-DVD, non-DCAU efforts. They've all had something to offer, IMO. Can't wait to rent this Wednesday.

Jayne's Hat said:
"The sex and violence is nice to see in an American animation, but including non-christian gods is also a big step forward in my opinion. It makes me think that maybe The US isn't quite as bad as the middle eastern countries when it comes to censorship."

Dude, isn't that just a bit extreme ? I live in Canada (maybe you do too) and, given that we get pretty much everything the States gets in terms of entertainment...they really aren't that censor-happy, except on network TV before 9pm (although almost never swearing even after that hour mark, and zero nudity unless you count butts or that time they got away with a split-second nipple show of Nina's in Angel Season 5's "Smile Time", but graphic violence is always okay apparently) and prefering PG and PG-13 rated films for profit reasons.

I don't know enough about Middle Eastern censorship (except what I hear about media silencing) to make a comment on them, except that sometimes they've been known to surprise with what they let in. The Chronicles of Narnia films, for example, have made it in. I'm not sure if they were edited differently than the North American and European cuts (which I will assume were the same), but I'm pretty sure I heard that they weren't back when the first one made it over there. And they did huge numbers in the Middle East too.

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Yes Kris, Violence in movies is always accepted by all cultures, but that wasn't my point. It is sad though isn't it?

I would just like to live in a world where people are free to watch other people have sex, kill each other, and talk about various religions while using bad language on tv and at the movies in either live or animated formats.

While it is still legal in the US, providing you follow certain FCC rules, the censorship does really effect our movies and television since an adult rating can really hurt a movies or tv shows profits.

I was saying that as a US citizen I was proud of America since freedom of speech, expression, and religion is still allowed here thanks to our constitution. I was especially proud this week since the UN is currently trying to pass a binding resolution for all member countries that would eliminate freedom of speech where religion is concerned.

The Pagan gods are a real touchy subject for some cultures though. Muslims have much less trouble with Christianity and even Jewish belief systems because they are all following the same god. To claim there is another god than the Muslim god would actually be an insult to Islam and probably be made illegal under the new UN resolution. You can't even claim Wonder Woman and Thor is just fiction since many Muslims seem to be insulted by fictional shows as well (southpark).

Here in the US, Christian fundamentalists are always ruining my censorship free world, and I am getting really tired of it. So I guess I am happy for what I have and just don't like it to be threatened if that makes sense.

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I will be picking this up later today.I lvoe these DC Universe Animated films.I acan't wait for the next one which is Green Lantern.
I've had a chance to see this and it is nothing short of amazing. I'm a die hard Wonder Woman fan and the inclusion of Nathan Fillion just makes it that much sweeter.
So I guess this films ratings and content were messed with a lot because it is animated. They had a pg version, a pg- 13 rated version, and an unrated version.

I guess they decided to just put out the pg-13 version in the end. There are rumors that they will release the unrated version later though.

It is just a matter of a few severed limbs/heads I guess. I don't think there were ever naked amazons in the movie besides the ones giggling behind the waterfall. :(

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