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March 03 2009

Kimberly Cole's MySpace. Liked the music from "Stage Fright"? Three of her songs were featured on the show, including "Superstar (Smash It)" which you can download from her MySpace (apparently...I don't see where to do it). Kimberly also appeared as one of the backup singers.

To download Superstar (Smash it) click on the flashing text under her name. Or just click here.
Wow...that was so incredibly obvious that I completely missed it. Thanks, Bluey.
So, is this someone the writers know, or was this corporate synergy?
So, is this someone the writers know, or was this corporate synergy?

We should ask Jed.
Liked the music from "Stage Fright"?

No. No I did not.
Or just Google...

Interview with Kimberly Cole:
How did you land the gig for Dollhouse?

The story is that they actually first chose my song 'Superstar (Smash it)' which is off the EP. We did that one hit song because that was the one I performed on stage. So they ended up choosing my song and that was so exciting. And then from there they actually booked me as an actor on the show.

I thought the music suited the episode (& the pop character). Thanks JMaloney for the info! Do we know what the other 2 songs were?
That interview is interesting:

Actually, the funny thing is [Joss] wrote the script but his brother and his partner from the Sing Along Blog were working on this episode.

Funny "Stage Fright" didn't have a "Story by Joss Whedon" then. That wasn't so uncommon back in the days, IIRC.
I actually did like "Superstar". For a pop song, it's better than anything I hear on the radio. And it's very catchy and I've found it getting stuck in my head. That's weird for me because I hate pop music.
So, is this someone the writers know, or was this corporate synergy?

We should ask Jed.

As her responses to questions quoted above make plain, she does not know Jed and Maurissa, who DID, indeed write this episode :). The music supervisor for the production pulled the tracks and it turned out that Maurissa had worked with the producer of the tracks in the past, one Jean-Yves “Jeeve” Ducornet, and they liked Superstar for Rayna so they went with it. This info is brought to you by the letter M for Maurissa.
But were supposed to ask Jed! ;)
And while the episode "Stage Fright" was totally cheesy, I dig the music. Though I dig the atmospheric sounds more.
I liked the song. And it is now on my iPod. I am also curious about what the other two songs were.
I find the music far cheesier than the episode was.
I hated the songs, but they were perfect for the episode.

On the other hand, all the tuned gongs played with wire brushes and triangle beaters? THAT is my kind of music. (Is that what you mean by the "atmospheric music," Krusher? If so our tastes are at least 50% aligned.:)
TawnJayne YES! someone understands me :D
On the other hand, all the tuned gongs played with wire brushes and triangle beaters?

Yeah, that creepy, airy, sparse sound is just great. It's the perfect accompaniment to some "oh crap, there's a whole 'nother layer of weirdness to this!" moment.
But were supposed to ask Jed! ;)

Well, tell him to be online more often, then! I think the music was perfect for what it was supposed to be - Britneyesque pop.
Hey! Britney type music can be good, at times!

Not that I listen often to that type of music, but heh. It was refreshing. For that moment.

I'd rather listen to metal/goth/Repo- Genetic Opera stuff..

[ edited by Krusher on 2009-03-03 22:34 ]
I thought the music was great for the context. Not my style but between that sound, the choreography and costume, and the stagecraft with the cage I got the point immediately.
I admit I'm a little disappointed that Jed didn't write the music, but oh well. Still very cool. And I thought the music was catchy, and worked well in-context. Not my kinda thing outside DH, though.
I like catchy pop songs and this was really good. My 18 yr old grunge self is probably dying of embarrassment right now.
Simon, you just sound bitter.
Hehe, crazy random happenstance, the song "Caroline's A Victim" (Kate Nash) just came on in the mix I was playing :)
Simon, you just sound bitter.

I was a huge music fan back in the day but it just withered on the vine. Now I just like well made video games and exceptional US genre shows.
Grape Vine :D

Ghe. A musical Whenon tribute. Impossible.
I loved the "Freedom is all we need to heal the pain of history" song, and the singing/harmonizing thereon, but find its origin I cannot. Mysterious . . .
I too love that, Pointy.
Simon, I feel the same way.

I want that freedom song too.
Yep, Krusher, you're not alone! Incidentally, have you heard John Cage's "Sonatas and Interludes" for prepared piano? Something tells me you might like them.
I love the songs... and glad it wasn't a well known pop song. Go Kimberly Cole.

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