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March 03 2009

Tickets are now on sale for Joss's Humanist Award Ceremony and Q&A at Harvard University. Tickets are $10 each and are General Admission.

Wow, I hadn't even heard about this. This is quite the honor! And of course, richly deserved.
I got mine! So happy to be attending a conference in Boston that week. Suddenly the $1,000.00 price tag for the conference doesn't seem so steep.
I just got my tickets too! I can't wait to hear what he has to say. He's always so funny. Hope to see you all there!
I wish I could go!! You guys are going to have to let him know we're there in spirit, even if we can't physically be there! :)
In addition to his art, he has also been active in promoting women's rights through his work with Equality Now, an organization that honored him in 2006.

Hmmm, any chance that was just a type-o and it should have read, "In addition to his art, he has also been an active in promoting..."

There you have it, straight from Harvard (sort of), Joss is Alpha!

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Damn, I wish I could go! Any chance someone can video record it?

"Academy and Emmy Award-nominated Writer & Director Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse)" Why isn't Angel mentioned?

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And... I have mine.
So, how will we Whedonesquers know each other? Will we all be wearing red carnations on our lapels?
Bunny suits.
I wish I could go.
Bunny suits.

Well, it will be Good Friday.
Or wear their 'Killer Knitted Hats from Outer Space 2' hats, (previous thread...never mind). And also, I a little bit hate you all alot, which I say out of love and a little jealousy...ok, alot of jealousy. But enough about me. To the Harvard award winning Josh Wheaton guy...yays!
Thank you for mentioning that. I was thinking I really couldn't go for just this, but I remembered that Good Friday this year is the same week as Passover, and I always go into Boston for Passover, so it will just be a two extra days.

Maybe just the bunny ears?
Isn't Good Friday always passover?
Uh... I might be the incognito Whedonesquer. (Meaning, I will not be in a bunny suit. Sorry.) ;P

Chances are I'll be wearing black. Or the one pink thing I own: a Black Market Beagles shirt of Joss... carrying his pink back pack.
I got my ticket but I'll probably talk to the staff because I do press for Whedonage (formerly and I'm a freelance photographer. Need special permission to be running around inside a church with a camera with a really big lens.
I typically attend all humanist functions as a naturist, myself. Joss'll be imagining the audience that way, anyway.
At 12:10 PM I called the box office wondering why the website hadn't opened up at noon, and the girl on the line seemed amused that I thought the thing would sell out. Whatever, I got my tickets at 12:11!
Got mine! Where can I rent a bunny suit?
I will definately have my cunning Jayne hat on, also I have a Buffy Sing-Along button on...

Oh....and my bunny suit! ;-)

YAY Joss!
It just occurred to me...why are they doing this on a Friday night? We'll all miss Dollhouse!
Suddenly loving the fact that I'm a bus ride away from Cambridge. Might have to go, and it would be my first Joss event! Maybe I'll even scrounge up a black T-shirt with white lettering, in honor of Whedonesque's color scheme? (and I'll write snarky comments on it while I'm there.) ;)
I'm a bad fan. I'm not going. I've seen Joss in Cambridge before, and tramped thru snow with him (and many others!) for the Writers' Strike event.

But if you come up with some get together, maybe before or after the event, I'm in! I will not wear a bunny suit however.
If only this was at Yale, I could get there in a half-hour
I'm still miffed abotu a lifetime achievement award for a 44-year-old. So what, he's downhill from here?
I typically attend all humanist functions as a naturist, myself. Joss'll be imagining the audience that way, anyway.

Remember I said I'll be there as press i.e. I'll have camers
I recall correctly the place where the ceremony will be at is a church. Imagine, a naked guy, someone in a bunny suit and another person in a Jayne hat going into a church. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.
I bought a half- dozen tix and will be bringing both Whedon/Buffy fans and fans of humanists. :-)

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