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March 03 2009

It's a Nice Day for a Red Wedding. Former "Angel" producer-scribe Jeffrey Bell, along with producers Dan Shotz and Karim Zreik, talk with SCI FI Wire about their upcoming horror-mystery saga "Harper's Island" premiering next month on CBS.

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Gimme an "h" (link broken).
Yeah, bad link :(
I think I'll have to check this out. I love a good mystery series, and you don't see a lot of them on TV.
Sorry about the linkage-issue -- didn't know!
Chris Gorham is in this. He was Jake 2.0, and he was also in a Buffy episode. He played the teenage boy from the past who had the affair with his teacher.

I love the concept; a 13-episode single season series where no main cast member is safe. I don't know if the British model will work very well for a show like this, but it'll be interesting to see. It's definitly going on my must-see list
It's not a single-season series in that if it's successful it will certainly come back again -- only probably with a whole new cast and storyline.
It sounds like a present-day twist to the old Agatha Christie 'And Then There Were None'.

And I like the 13-episode idea, the Japanese have been doing that for years with a lot of their anime and it works very well. If it doesn't succeed for a second season, then at least the 1st will have a wrap-up.

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